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Celebration has been an integral part of the Catholic heritage of Seton Hill University throughout its history. Whether through large liturgical services or small intimate gatherings, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore and develop a rich and vibrant spiritual life. The observance of liturgical seasons such as Advent and Lent foster an atmosphere that celebrates the sacred.

Seton Hill recognizes that its community members have spiritual and ethnic roots that extend to a wide variety of faith traditions and religions. As the home of The National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, Seton Hill exhibits a special awareness of the importance of Jewish-Catholic dialogue and holds a Kristallnacht service annually. Seton Hill also celebrates occasions that highlight the unique role women, particularly St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, have played in the history of the Church. Other events such as the Opening Liturgy and Christmas on the Hill provide members of the community with opportunities to express their uniqueness, gifts and talents.

Throughout all its celebrations Seton Hill joyfully acknowledges the presence of God found in the goodness of life and all of creation.

“My favorite thing about the Seton Hill community is how welcoming it is to people of all faiths. The chapel is always unlocked, and Sunday Mass is open to everyone. The faculty and staff are genuinely concerned for the well being of the students, and interested in being part of their lives outside of the classroom.”

- Christin Casavant, student

For further information, please contact Tony Krzmarzick, Director of Campus Ministry at Seton Hill at: (724) 830-1052 or