Intercultural Students at SHU


Office of Multicultural and International Services

Seton Hill University offers intercultural students a supportive environment in which to learn, live and grow. Once admitted to Seton Hill, you will benefit from the services of the Office of Multicultural and International Services. This office exists to support you with anything from immigration status to social or personal adjustment to life in the United States.  

Keisha Che’re Jimmerson
Seton Hill University
Director of Intercultural Services
(724) 830-1089
(800) 826-6234

Karissa Kilgore
Seton Hill University
Intercultural Services Coordinator
English Language Instructor
(724) 552-1709


The majority of Seton Hill's undergraduate and graduate programs in the natural and health sciences, performing and visual arts, business, humanities, education and social sciences are open to international students - so whatever your ambitions, Seton Hill knows how to turn your passion into a meaningful career.  (And if you’re not sure what direction you want your education, or your career, to take – no problem. We can help with that, too.)

The traditional academic year consists of two 16-week terms. The fall term begins in late August and ends in mid-December. The spring term begins in late January and ends in mid-May. A number of intensive summer classes are available in June and July, and Seton Hill also offers intensive courses in a J-term (two weeks in January) and an M-term (two weeks in May).


The Intercultural Orientation Program acquaints students with the University, the local community and American life, including an introduction to a variety of American social and cultural customs. Orientation begins several days prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

The Campus & Community

Expect to find plenty of activities on Seton Hill's 200-acre campus, located an hour from metropolitan Pittsburgh (in the state of Pennsylvania in the eastern U.S.) The natural surroundings on campus, and the nearby retail and historic districts of the town of Greensburg, make outdoor recreation, shopping and cultural experiences readily available. The Greensburg community also provides convenient opportunities for internships in government, business, social services, journalism, and many other fields. Visit Campus & Region for more information.

The Seton Hill campus includes 16 academic and residential buildings, including our new world-class Performing Arts Center. Seton Hill students live in a safe learning environment. The University employs its own security police. All officers are specially trained and certified by the Pennsylvania State Police, and patrol the University 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Seton Hill also benefits from the support of the law enforcement and emergency services of Greensburg, Pa., which are always available to assist Seton Hill police and emergency response personnel.

Activities & Campus Life

The Office of Multicultural and International Services organizes a variety of events each semester to help intercultural feel more at home at Seton Hill. The entire Seton Hill community is invited to participate in these events, a sampling of which is listed below.

Annual Food Festival

Each fall semester, intercultural students are invited to choose a recipe from home to prepare for the food festival and share with the rest of the Seton Hill community. Visit our YouTube channel to view a student-made video about the 2014 food festival.

World Week

Students majoring in nutrition and dietetics, history, and modern languages prepare information and presentations (and sometimes food!) to share with the Seton Hill community throughout the week-long celebration.

Other Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, the Office of Multicultural and International Services recognizes holidays and celebrations that are important to our students. Events in the past have included Diwali, Lunar New Year, and Ramadan. 

Preparing Students for the World

Read more about Study Away, Study Abroad, the Intercultural Services Office and international service trips in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Forward Magazine.


On-campus housing is offered for single undergraduate and graduate students that go through the University's Housing Selection process. Additional charges apply for students who remain in the halls for vacations during the academic year. Undergraduate students generally share a room with another student(s). Graduate students usually do not share a room. Rooms are equipped with a bed, dresser, wardrobe, desk and desk chair. Seton Hill provides campus-wide wireless access, including all residence halls. Please refer to Housing & Dining for further information on campus housing and meal plan options. 

Financial Aid

Nearly 100% of our intercultural students receive some type of merit or need based financial aid from Seton Hill. We offer financial aid to qualifying candidates for academic merit and financial need in the range of $8,000-20,000 USD, which can make attending Seton Hill affordable. Seton Hill is dedicated to empowering intercultural students to succeed, and that includes financial assistance.  

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for intercultural students. Student health insurance is available to all intercultural students at a cost of approximately $500 per year. Please note that medical services in the United States are often expensive; the United States does not have a national health program. Having insurance will cover, or offset, the cost of health care services.


Seton Hill University guarantees ground transportation from Pittsburgh International Airport, or any Pittsburgh transit station, upon arrival for the first time to campus. The Pittsburgh International Airport, 45 miles from Greensburg, is served by many airlines. A travel itinerary must be submitted and approved prior to departure by the Office of Multucultural and International Services. Train service exists between Greensburg, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Seton Hill can arrange to have a security officer meet you at the train station if you notify the University of your arrival time. More information about traveling to Seton Hill can be found here

Climate & Clothing

Once on campus, plan for a variety of weather conditions throughout the academic year. Southwestern Pennsylvania experiences four distinct seasons. Hot, sunny, summers are followed by cool autumns, where the trees on and around campus turn brilliant shades of red and gold.  Our cold, snowy winters (perfect for skiing and other winter sports) lead to warm flowery springs.

ESL - English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language studies at Seton Hill offer intercultural students the encouragement and support to succeed in the four literacy domains: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Professional staff assist students in the following areas: generating ideas for writing topics, locating main ideas within texts, demonstrating clear sentence structures to practice grammar rules and developing presentation skills. For English language learners, Seton Hill also offers two three-credit courses covering grammar, composition, listening and vocabulary development. These courses are offered on the intermediate and advanced levels. English language learners may also register for a one-credit tutorial course in written or spoken English.