How Do I Find Out More About My Setonian Day?

Once a student is accepted, Seton Hill will provide him or her with registration information for an orientation session.

If you are a newly-accepted undergraduate student and have not yet been contacted by Seton Hill, please feel free to call or email your Admission Counselor, or contact the Office of Admissions: admit@setonhill.edu.

If you are a new student in the Adult Degree Program or a graduate program, please contact gadmit@setonhill.edu or 1-800-826-6234.

Setonian Days

Orientation sessions for all new traditional undergraduate students, including transfer students, are held throughout the summer and in January. 

What New Students Can Expect on Setonian Day:

  • To meet a lot of people who are glad you’ve chosen Seton Hill.
  • Help with choosing and registering for courses.
  • Getting to meet your faculty members.
  • The opportunity to tour the residence halls and explore the campus.
  • An introduction to the technological resources you will have access to on our mobile friendly campus. 
  • A shiny new ID card that, when scanned, grants you access to interesting things on campus, and also makes you eligible for special offers and discounts at local restaurants and businesses.
  • Information on Seton Hill’s history – and what you can expect for the future.

What the Families of Students Can Expect on Setonian Day:

  • A hearty welcome.
  • An overview of what your Setonian will experience during the first year at Seton Hill.
  • Meeting with the faculty members in your Setonian’s academic division.
  • An explanation of the mobile technology your Setonian will receive, and how it contributes to teaching and learning at Seton Hill.
  • An understanding of what it is like to live on the Hill, or, alternately, to commute.
  • Financial aid assistance (if necessary).
  • An overview of the student support services at Seton Hill, and the opportunity to talk with Campus Police, Health Services, Student Life and Campus Ministry about any concerns you have.
  • Information on Seton Hill’s past, and future.
  • Peace of mind.

Adult Degree Program Orientation

Orientation sessions for Adult Degree Program students (containing many of the elements of Setonian Day, but designed for the adult student) are held five times a year, prior to the beginning of each Adult Degree Program session.

Graduate Program Orientation

Orientation sessions for specific graduate programs are held throughout the year to welcome new students and aid in their transition to graduate studies here at Seton Hill.