Third Major is a Charm: How Hanna Brucker Found Her Perfect Fit

Seton Hill junior Hanna Brucker came to Seton Hill thinking that she wanted a career as a teacher of young children. 

“I started off as an education major my freshman year,” she says. “After taking some classes and doing some fieldwork, I decided it was not for me.”

After struggling with the decision to change majors throughout her second semester as a freshman, she decided to move forward as a business major. This felt like a better fit, but at Seton Hill she still had a lot of business options to choose from. Since she likes math, she decided to try accounting. After her first accounting class she knew she was getting close, but still hadn’t found the major that suited her best. She finally found what she’d been looking for as a business administration major specializing in marketing and human resources

“I absolutely love my major,” she says, “but it took some time to find.” 

While taking courses and researching majors, Hanna also served as a Griffin Guide (giving campus tours and talking with prospective students), a math tutor, an intern in Seton Hill’s Marketing Department and the president of the Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 

“My advice is to find something that makes you happy,” Hanna says. “Just because you come into college thinking one thing doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it all four years.” 

Photo above: Hanna at a meeting with the BarkleyREI digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh as part of her spring 2018 internship with Seton Hill’s Marketing Department.