Seton Hill University student Aero Windwalker will have one of his photographs featured in the “Best of College Photography 2009.”

Windwalker, a freshman at Seton Hill with a dual major in journalism and graphic design, submitted three photographs to the 29th Annual College Photography Contest, hosted by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Nikon. Over 3,000 college students participated in this worldwide competition. One of Windwalker’s submissions has been selected to be one of the 100 photographs published in the hardcover book “Best of College Photography 2009.”

Windwalker learned of the competition from Richard Stoner, adjunct instructor of art at Seton Hill University.

“I encouraged Aero to submit work for the competition because I felt his level of technique certainly qualified him for strong consideration by the judges. His technique in digital imaging, which is distinct from traditional black/white, is quite advanced. He has participated in projects in China that went beyond what I would expect of the average undergraduate art student. His images are more of a commercial/advertising style than a fine art style,” said Stoner.

A native of Fuzhou, China, Windwalker has been a professional photographer since the age of 15. He learned his craft from his grandfather, also a professional photographer, and worked part time in a photography studio during his high school career. Windwalker later worked at Channel 7 Economy, a television station in China, where he worked as an official photographer for beauty competitions.

“Through my photography, I like to show people the little details that they may not have noticed. I like sharing my photography with others so that they can see all the beautiful things I see,” said Windwalker.

Photographer’s Forum hosts the College Photography Contest annually. The judges for the 2008-2009 competition include Nell Campbell, Photographer’s Forum; Rob Winner, Brooks Institute of Photography; Peter Glendinning, Michigan State University; and Karen Sinsheimer, Santa Barbara Museum of Art.