More than 200 Chinese scholars and entrepreneurs attended the Sixth International Symposium on Multinational Business Management in Nanjing, China, as did more than 40 scholars and CEOs from the U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, and South Korea. Organized by Nanjing University’s School of Business and co-sponsored by Seton Hill University, the symposium took place from June 6 – 7, 2008.

Seton Hill President JoAnne Boyle, PhD, gave the opening speech at the symposium, and chaired a plenary session on “A Study of the Development of Global Competency Leadership” presented by Dr. Shuming Zhao. Dr. Zhao is a professor and dean of the School of Business at Nanjing University, and has served as a visiting scholar at Seton Hill. Seton Hill presented him with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters – Business Management degree in 2006. Dr. Zhao currently serves on the Farrell Advisory Board for Seton Hill.

Dr. Lloyd Gibson, director of Seton Hill’s MBA program, presented a paper on “Internet Banking Adoption by Chinese Americans” at the symposium. Gibson also co-chaired a session on Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and E-Commerce in a Transitional Economy.

Jayne Huston, director of the E-magnify women’s business center at Seton Hill, also attended the symposium, to learn more about women’s entrepreneurship on an international level.