Seton Hill University Daniel J. Wukich, of Penn Township, Pa., has made a $2 million leadership commitment that will enhance the University’s Signature Degree Program in Business through the creation of The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities at Seton Hill University. The Center’s efforts will strive to demystify entrepreneurship by helping students understand entrepreneurship as a mindset. The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities will equip students with the tools needed to address the challenges of an evolving global market.

The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities will support students by creating the Wukich Scholars and Wukich Interns Programs; initiating The Wukich Micro Loan Fund for Student Entrepreneurs and Business Incubator; promoting the resources of E-Magnify, Seton Hill’s Women’s Business Center, and CareerWorks, the University’s career and internship service for students; and, valuing entrepreneurship as a liberal art that ensures innovative thinking in all areas of study on the University’s campus. In addition, the Center will support research and curriculum development for Seton Hill faculty.

“Seton Hill University has a long-standing tradition of entrepreneurial thinking that began with our founders, the Sisters of Charity, who were pioneers, indeed among the first entrepreneurs, always looking forward to the next challenge. As the founder of Quest Healthcare Development, Inc., composed of two long-term care nursing facilities, Dan Wukich embraces the entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of the Seton Hill educational experience,” commented JoAnne Boyle, Seton Hill University president. She continued, “Dan Wukich’s gift is a transformational one for Seton Hill that will enhance our ability to recruit talented undergraduate and graduate students. We are deeply grateful for this incredible commitment.”

Christine Mueseler, vice president for Institutional Advancement and Marketing added, “Dan Wukich’s gift will provide Seton Hill students with a marvelous edge that will serve them well in the job market and in their personal lives. His commitment truly represents a life-changing moment in Seton Hill University history.” Mueseler noted, “With the support of Dan Wukich and his family, fund-raising for the first and second phase of the University’s capital and endowment campaign has topped the $85 million mark.”

Lloyd Gibson, D.Sc., director of the Seton Hill MBA program said, “A recent study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation found that challenging economic times can spur entrepreneurship and lead to the creation of much-needed new jobs.” The study, "The Economic Future Just Happened," found that more than half of the companies on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during a recession or bear market, along with nearly half of the firms on the 2008 Inc. Magazine list of America’s fastest-growing companies. Gibson added, “Our society values creativity and risk taking. Now more than ever, this tremendous gift from Dan Wukich will help Seton Hill expand its programming to ensure that students graduate as well-trained thinkers and informed risk takers.”

Seton Hill University Board Chair, Michele Ridge commented, “The establishment of The Wukich Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities solidifies Seton Hill’s distinctive position as a leader in entrepreneurial education and brings renewed visibility to Seton Hill’s Signature Degree Program in business, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.” Ridge continued, “My Trustee colleagues are particularly delighted with the creation of the Wukich Micro Loan Fund. Budding student entrepreneurs with big ideas will have a chance to make those ideas reality.”

The Wukich Micro Loan Fund will provide students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate business programs with incentive to start their own business. The Fund will be administered by Seton Hill faculty, students, and members of the Farrell Advisory Board. The Farrell Advisory Board is comprised of alumni and community business and opinion leaders who provide insight related to strategic planning, program review and resource development for the University’s Signature Degree business program.

Student entrepreneurs seeking funds from the Wukich Micro Loan Fund will present a business plan for a company or a product to the Micro Loan Fund panel. The panel will review the plans and process loans to fund particular plans based on ingenuity, sound business principles, and strong indicators that the loan will be repaid to the Fund at some point in the future.

Jayne Huston, director of E-Magnify, said, “Upon receiving start up funds, a students may obtain support needed to begin a business venture through the Student Entrepreneurs Incubator. E-Magnify staff and Seton Hill faculty members will provide mentoring through which workspace, coaching, and support services will be provided to students. Dan Wukich’s gift enables us to help students experience first-hand how to research an industry, design an effective business plan, create a brand and market to customers.”

The Wukich Scholars program will assist Seton Hill University in recruiting and retaining the most talented undergraduate and graduate students through scholarship support. Scholarships will be awarded based on academic merit and financial need. In addition to opportunities within the business and entrepreneurship curriculum, Wukich Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in faculty research initiatives and national and international conferences.

Seton Hill Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., noted, “Whether considering starting a business or wanting to be an exceptional employee, students want to learn how to recognize opportunity and harness the resources to take advantage of that opportunity. The reason Dan Wukich’s commitment is extraordinary is because it provides us with another substantive way to meet such an important student demand.”

Wukich values Seton Hill’s approach to entrepreneurship and the University’s commitment to empower students to become leaders. Wukich commented, “Seton Hill is a special place. The University helps students set high standards for themselves and provides them with a first-class academic program that enables students to achieve more than they thought possible. Seton Hill certainly made a difference in my daughter’s life and I am happy to be part of the University’s planning for the future.”

Wukich’s son, Daniel P. Wukich, is equally delighted by his family’s support of Seton Hill and the creation of Wukich Interns at Quest Healthcare. He added, “My family has always embraced an entrepreneurial mindset. The commitment we have made to Seton Hill will have a direct impact on our company. We already have two interns recruited from the University and look forward to building a substantial program for the long term. We are eager to provide students with real world experience that will serve them in the class room and in the board room.”

Daniel J. Wukich is the founder of Quest Healthcare Development, Inc., which includes two long-term care nursing care facilities, Loyalhanna Care Center in Latrobe, Pa., and William Penn Care Center in Penn Township, Pa., and Quest Realty Partnership, which has acquired over 150 acres in western Pennsylvania and developed a professional office building in Penn Township, Pa. Wukich obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh. Since 2001 Wukich has served as board chairman of the Westmoreland County Housing Authority Board of Directors. Wukich has a family legacy at Seton Hill University; his daughter, Lynne Wukich Lippincott, of Berlin, N.J., graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in merchandising.

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