After one semester of using the iPad, many faculty members cannot recall a time of teaching without the iPad. The students have also quickly adapted to using the new mobile device both in and out of the classroom.

“The student response has been very positive. I think they appreciated that I made use of it. They brought it to class daily, as required on the syllabus,” said John Spurlock, Ph.D., professor, history.

“When I heard Seton Hill University students would be getting iPads I was skeptical. After a semester of using it, I found that I can't really remember what I did before,” said Amanda Mientus, sophomore marketing major.

“The students expressed great joy at first. But I was surprised by how swiftly it [iPad] became adopted into their study routine, eventually becoming as normal a notebook to them,” said Michael Arnzen, Ph.D., associate professor, English, and chair of the Division of Humanities. “Most students enjoyed swiping and typing and having instant access to research at their fingertips. I began integrating classroom activities, asking students to take notes, search the web live, put out a tweet query and do other forms of ‘find and share’ tasks in small groups.”

“Since getting the technology I have used it mostly every day in all my classes. I did not think I would use it every day, but it is a different way to get active in class. Getting this technology is a great thing to the students, because it helps them in class and in everything else they do with it,” said Jamie Blotzer, freshman biology major.