On October 14, Seton Hill University and Shandong University formalized a partnership to enhance educational opportunities for students at both universities. The exchange of knowledge between the students and faculty of the two universities will ultimately lead to a better understanding between the United States and China as well as have an impact on students who will have the opportunity to participate in the program by enriching their educational and cultural experiences.

The articulation agreement between the universities will allow Shandong students who have studied for two years in China to come to Seton Hill for their final two years of study and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Seton Hill University.

"We are very proud of this new alliance, and we look forward to welcoming to Greensburg, to this county and to the state of Pennsylvania the students who will come from the Shandong Province," said JoAnne Boyle, president.

Shandong University, which is located in Jinan, the capital city of the Shandong Province, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Founded in 1901, Shandong University consists of 31 schools/colleges and a graduate school and offers 104 undergraduate degree programs, 209 master degree programs, 127 doctoral degree programs and 15 post-doctorate mobile stations. The student population totals 95,000.