On Sunday, May 3, the Seton Hill University Theatre Program will host its final performance in Reeves Theatre, “Past Present, and Future,” an annual season-ending variety show created and produced by Seton Hill University students. The performance begins at 6:30 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

“Past, Present, and Future” will be the final performance in Reeves Theatre. Beginning this fall, Seton Hill Theatre performances will take place in the University’s new Performing Arts Center located on West Otterman St. in Greensburg, Pa.

“For this year’s event, perhaps fittingly the 20th annual ‘Past, Present, and Future,’ we are inviting Seton Hill theatre alumni and veterans of the Reeves Theatre stage to return to perform in the production. This will allow us to truly celebrate the past of Reeves while giving all of us a chance to say goodbye to the stage for the last time,” said Terry Brino-Dean, Ph.D., associate professor of theatre and director of the theatre program at Seton Hill University.

Immediately following the 90-minute performance, attendees will join in a ceremonial darkening of the theatre.

“Theatres in which performances are not taking place are commonly referred to as ‘dark.’ When the new Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center opens in the fall, Reeves Theatre will no longer be used for main stage productions. The darkening ceremony closes out a significant chapter in the history of Seton Hill Theatre,” said Brino-Dean. “As we look forward to an exciting future in the Performing Arts Center, we want to take this moment to celebrate and commemorate everything that Reeves Theatre has meant to the creation of theatre art and to the training and development of theatre artists at Seton Hill. Immediately following the ceremonial darkening, we will gather for a reception. We look forward to this opportunity to share stories and reminisce about the Reeves memories we share.”

Donations will be accepted at the event in honor of the memory of Elyse Saraceni, a theatre student and daughter of Gene and Iva Saraceni, retired professors of Seton Hill University’s Theatre Program.

The Seton Hill University Theatre Program has a long history of educating theatre majors for careers in the professional theatre while playing a vital role in the educational life of the campus. Seton Hill’s Theatre Program offers four full-length productions (as well as a number of shorter works) each year that generate audiences of over 3,500 and speak to topics addressed in courses across Seton Hill’s curriculum. For more information on the Theatre Program at Seton Hill, please visit www.setonhill.edu or call 724-830-0300.