The Seton Hill University Pipe Band won first place in the Grade 4 band category at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival in Prince Frederick, Md., on April 24 and the West Virginia Pipe Band Championship at the Scottish Festival and Celtic Gathering in Bridgeport, W.Va., on May 1.

The Seton Hill University Pipe Band, formerly the Allegheny and District Pipe Band, was formed in 1993 under the direction of Pipe Major A.G. Lee, Jr. and Pipe Major David Thompson and currently has 23 members. The band became part of Seton Hill University in 2007.

“The pipe bands have a long history and initially started as military bands. The Scottish Regiments often used pipers, and later bands, to march into battle,” said Lee. “Today, there are numerous pipe bands around the world. We are proud to represent Seton Hill and its tradition of supporting music education and community music.”

Seton Hill University Pipe Band members include Bill Campbell (bass drummer), Dray Campbell (piper), Judy Campbell (tenor drummer), Josh Dobbin (piper), JoElla GearHard (piper), Darren Humbert (drum sergeant), Mark Knox (piper), A.G. Lee (pipe major), Alex Lee III (snare drummer), Caulene Lee (tenor drummer), Debbie Lee (piper), Ian Lee (snare drummer), Sean Lee (snare drummer), Bruce Liberati (piper), Megan McClure (piper), George Stewart (piper), Georgie Stewart (snare drummer), Zach Tanyer (snare drummer), David Thompson (pipe sergeant), Dave Werkheiser (piper), Teresa Werkheiser (piper), Hannah Whittaker (tenor drummer), and Jill Whittaker (tenor drummer).

The Seton Hill University Pipe Band has the following performances scheduled for the remainder of 2010: Wellington Ohio Scottish Games on June 26; Edinboro University Scottish Games at Edinboro University on July 24; Ligonier Highland Games on September 11; Seton Hill University Homecoming on September 25; and Fort Ligonier Days Parade on October 9.

The Seton University Pipe Band is available for performances for parades or private ceremonies. For more information regarding instruction or hiring the Seton Hill University Pipe Band or a small ensemble of pipers and drummers, contact Pipe Major A.G. Lee or Debra E. Lee at 724-420-5320 or