Seton Hill University’s 2012 accounting graduates far exceeded national and state passing percentages on the CPA examination, according to the recently published 2012 National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) report on examination results.

The results rank Seton Hill 10th in the nation by pass rate of first-time CPA examination takers from very small institutions that have five to nine reported candidates. Harvard University ranked second in the nation in this category.

For the seven Seton Hill University accounting graduates who took sections of the exam, the pass percentage was 76.9 percent compared to the national passing rate of 48.9 percent. The average passing rate for the state of Pennsylvania was 47.3 percent.

“I personally taught, challenged, and advised most of these graduates, and I am very proud of their accomplishments,” said Roland Warfield, assistant professor of business. “The work ethic of these graduates, combined with the rigor of Seton Hill’s accounting program, have led to these outstanding results on the CPA examination. The 2012 graduates have set the bar high for our 2013 graduates. However, having heard from some of our 2013 graduates that have taken parts of the exam already, I anticipate another successful report.”

“Sectioned into four parts, the CPA exam thoroughly reviews a large body of accounting principles and procedures,” Warfield continued. “No one can tell a candidate what questions are going to be asked in any part of the exam. Therefore, a candidate must have enough general and specific knowledge of all subjects to be successful.”

Mary Ann Gawelek, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, said, “The results of the 2012 CPA Examination shows that Seton Hill’s accounting program is preparing its graduates with the knowledge and understanding of accounting principles that will serve them not only on this test but throughout their careers. We are pleased by the success our 2012 graduates experienced and look forward to similar results for future graduates.”

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