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Seton Hill University graduated 141 students at its December 12, 2011, commencement exercises.

The commencement ceremonies were held in the Salvitti Gymnasium which is located in the Katherine Mabis McKenna Center on Seton Hill University’s hilltop campus in Greensburg, Pa. Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., provost and dean of the faculty, presented the candidates for degrees, and JoAnne Boyle, Seton Hill University president, conferred the degrees. Steven Bassett, Ph.D., associate professor, biology, served as commencement speaker. The December 12 commencement ceremonies included students who had earned their degrees in August and December 2011.

Seton Hill University December 2011 Graduates (students listed geographically by home residence):


Belgrade 11000
Nikola Radisa, B.S., Business



Phoenix 85050
Janine Bell, M.A., Elementary Education


Mountain View 94041
Keping Wang, B.F.A., Art


Port Richey 34668
Amanda Bish, B.A., Theatre


Rensselaer 47978
Daniel Day, M.A., Elementary Education


Ft. Washington 20744
Olivia Richardson, B.A., Criminal Justice

Laurel 20723
Aja Hannah, B.A. in Honors, English

Silver Spring 20901
Chesnet Metis, B.S., Biology


Muskegon 49441
Christopher Anderson, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Certificate


Thomasville 27360
Christina Woller, B.A., Art


Newmarket 03857
Amanda Cortese, M.A., Art Therapy


Ramsey 07446
Jun Ham, M.A., Special Education


Burt 14028
Laura Hambruch, M.B.A., Business Administration


Geneva 44041
Joshua Wilks, B.A., Mathematics


Aliquippa 15001
Richard Mutkus, B.S., Hospitality and Tourism
Stephanie Weekley, B.S. and M.S., Physician Assistant

Apollo 15613
Kimberly Tygielski, B.S., Business

Ardara 15615
Glen Cassill, B.A., Business

Avonmore 15618
Rebecca Hallwirth, B.A., Mathematics

Belle Vernon 15012
Dianne Bloomer, B.S., Business
Rosemarie Brown, B.A., Chemistry
Melissa Zema, M.B.A., Business Administration

Bernville 19506
Jennifer Goss, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Certificate

Bethel Park 15102
Stephanie Lazzaro, B.A., Psychology

Blairsville 15717
Andrew Ostach, B.F.A., Art

Brackenridge 15014
Christine Burkholder, M.A., Art Therapy

Brownsville 15417
Bernadette Evans, M.A., Art Therapy

Canonsburg 15317
Natalie Vrana, B.A., Psychology

Carnegie 15106
Daniel Astfalk, B.A., History

Charleroi 15022
Gavin Farkas, B.M., Music

Connellsville 15425
Danielle Huskey, M.A., Special Education
Laura Martin, B.S., Accounting
Molly Mullaney, M.A., Special Education

Delmont 15626
Daniel Limbacher, M.B.A., Business Administration
Mikala Testa, B.S., Accounting

Derry 15627
Michael Bauer, M.B.A., Business Administration
Laurel Komarny, M.A., Inclusive Education
Philip Siko, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Dunbar 15431
Bobbie Jo DeMott, M.A., Inclusive Education

Elizabethtown 17022
Molly Gladfelter, B.M., Music

Export 15632
Eric McKeever, B.A., Engineering
Megan Nelson, M.A., Special Education

Greensburg 15601
Michael Ogilbee, B.A., Psychology
Jared Bailey, M.A., Elementary Education
Thomas Brannigan, M.A., Special Education
Veronica Brighton, B.S., Accounting
Kimberly Fabri, B.A., Communication
James Gonzalez, M.B.A., Business Administration
Amie Gradischek, B.A., Biology
Samantha Huth, B.A., Business
Jeffrey Jacobsky, B.S., Business
Jennifer Kloiber-Rohlfing, B.S., Business
Sarah Kovach, M.A., Inclusive Education
Amy Landin, M.A., Special Education
Melissa Leeper, M.A., Special Education
Katelyn Liston, B.S., Business
Timothy Minerva, M.B.A., Business Administration
Jennifer Nawrocki, M.A., Special Education
Melissa Newell, M.A., Inclusive Education
Sarah Noone, B.M., Music
Barbara Palangio, B.A., Business
Ronald Prettiman, M.B.A., Business Administration
Rachael Sarver, B.A., Psychology
Jeremy Siard, M.A., Elementary Education
Allison Sinisi, M.B.A., Business Administration
Sarah Snowman, M.A., Elementary Education
Amy Steele, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Daniel Swindell, B.A., Business
Mary Zeglin, M.A., Elementary Education
Mark Zellers, B.S., Business

Harleysville 19438
Douglas Schmitt, B.S., Business

Houston 15342
Rachel Gagen, M.A., Art Therapy

Irwin 15642
Adriane Esposito, M.A., Art Therapy
Sandra Monier, B.A., Religious Studies
Catherine Poppa, B.A., Psychology

Jeannette 15644
Malissa Cheplick, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences
Sherry Light, M.A., Special Education
Justin Luhovey, B.S., Biology
Jodi McBurney, B.A., Business
Danielle McDonough, B.S., Hospitality and Tourism
Heidi Trout, B.S., Accounting

Johnstown 15905
James Hilands, M.B.A., Business Administration

Kittanning 16201
Michelle Schall, B.S., Business

Latrobe 15650
Becky Hugus, M.B.A., Business Administration
Ashley Hyatt, M.A., Inclusive Education
Stephanie Johnston, M.A., Art Therapy
Abby Leone, B.A., Art and Business
Tim Montressor, M.B.A., Business Administration
Herbert Nicholson, B.A., Religious Studies
Monica Piper, B.S., Accounting
Amy Rau, M.B.A., Business Administration
Karen Sarp, M.A., Special Education
Holly Sass, B.S., Business
Bethann Trickett, M.A., Inclusive Education
Jenell Wano, M.A., Inclusive Education
Pamela Ware, B.A., Human Services

Leechburg 15656
Ann Crosby, M.B.A., Business Administration

Ligonier 15658
Meghan Adams, B.A., Art
Kara McConnell, B.A., General Studies

Meyersdale 15552
Brooke Sarver, B.S., Hospitality and Tourism

Monroeville 15146
Linda King, B.S., Business

Moon Township 15108
Thomas DeAngelis, B.A., Business
Mitchell Morsillo, M.B.A., Business Administration

Mount Pleasant 15666
Heather Mourick, M.A., Elementary Education
Terri Pritts, M.A., Inclusive Education
Thomas Kott, B.A., Business

Murrysville 15668
George App, B.S., Accounting

New Bethlehem 16242
Rebecca Lamison, B.M., Music

New Derry 15671
Denise Frisko, B.M., Music

New Stanton 15672
Jacob Sasso, B.A., Business
Melody Ullah, B.A., Human Services

North Huntingdon 15642
Jason Fairbaugh, M.B.A., Business Administration
Michelle Grabiak, B.S., Business
Robert Lynn, B.S., Accounting
Bennett Smith, M.B.A., Business Administration
Gabrielle White, M.A., Elementary Education

Norvelt 15674
Lindsay Nicholson, B.S., Accounting

Penn 15675
Tammy Ross, M.A., Special Education

Pittsburgh 15206
Julika Lomas, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Pittsburgh 15208
Kathryn Fabbroni, B.A., Theatre

Pittsburgh 15214
Patti Ghubril, M.A., Art Therapy

Pittsburgh 15217
Heather Speers, M.B.A., Business Administration

Pittsburgh 15228
Everett Manns, B.A., General Studies

Pittsburgh 15239
Carla Moio, M.A., Elementary Education

Pittsburgh 15243
Ethan Shepley, B.A., English

Renfrew 16053
Eric Farmer, B.A., Psychology

Ruffs Dale 15679
Nicolle Baughman, M.B.A., Business Administration
Heather Bianchi, B.A., Business

Smithton 15479
Doris Kelley, B.A., Human Services

South Park 15129
Mark Repine, M.B.A., Business Administration

Tarentum 15084
Melissa Riggatire, B.A., Art

Turtle Creek 15145
Vanae Hicks, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences

Valencia 16059
David Cannon, B.A., Business
Aubrie Reedy, M.A., Art Therapy

Verona 15147
Deanna Aliberti, B.A., Psychology
Janet Carlisle, M.A., Art Therapy

Washington 15301
Valerie Quayle, B.M., Music

White 15490
Josey Miller, B.A., Music

Youngwood 15697
Mark Reamer, B.A., Sociology


Munford 38058
Robert Irby, B.F.A., Art


Christiansted 00823
El’Vonda Jacobs, B.S., Forensic Science