Four students from Seton Hill University had the opportunity to participate in a video conference iPad forum with students from Abilene Christian University on Monday, February 28.

Harry Damerow, of Greensburg, Pa., sophomore, Katie Fritsch, of Allison Park, Pa., senior, Patrick Sheffler, of Greensburg, Pa., freshman, and Kellie Vann, of Hollsopple, Pa., freshman, shared their experiences with the iPad and the incorporation of technology into Seton Hill classrooms.

The video conference forum addressed: What has been the best thing about the introduction of mobile devices to the campus?; What are the most important things you would advise to consider regarding the use of mobile devices and students?; What are the strengths and challenges of mobile devices.

Seton Hill University students expressed enthusiasm for the faculty’s incorporation of technology into the classroom, noting faculty’s interest to learn more and to share what they are learning with the students. The students also noted that the iPad and MacBook are not simply technology devices of convenience.

“The iPad is changing how professors teach and how students learn,” said Damerow.