SHU-A-THON, a student club founded by Seton Hill University senior Emily Heinicka, of Irwin, Pa., hosted its second 12-hour dance marathon, “Dance for Hope.” The event began at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 9, and concluded on Saturday, April 10, at 8 a.m. Approximately 40 individuals representing Seton Hill participated in the event. All proceeds from the event benefitted The Children’s Institute.

“The event went really well this year. We raised over $3,700,” said Heinicka.

During the dance marathon, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities, including a line dance and different dance themes.

“We did a line dance every hour which highlighted some of the current events in pop culture. We played a game of musical chairs and a game of ‘Name that Tune,’” said Heinicka.

SHU-A-THON was founded by Heinicka as her Honors Capstone project. The purpose of SHU-A-THON is to create awareness of a regional issue through the collaboration of the Seton Hill University and Greensburg communities by hosting events throughout the academic year to educate and raise funds. Heinicka took her inspiration for SHU-A-THON from Penn State University’s THON, and received strong support from THON as she worked to create a similar organization at Seton Hill.

“I had heard about Penn State’s THON and knew that I wanted to create a similar event for my capstone project,” said Heinika. “When I developed the project, I knew I wanted to help children. I decided that directing the proceeds to The Children’s Institute was the best choice.”

Heinicka is pleased to know that her project has assisted a good cause and hopes that it will continue after she graduates from Seton Hill.

“Seeing how I’ve made a difference has been really rewarding. SHU-A-THON has allowed me to fulfill the Seton Hill philosophy of becoming a productive member of society dedicated to transforming the world,” said Heinicka. “As a graduating senior, I leave the reins of SHU-A-THON to a group of peers and friends for whom I have much respect. I know they share the same passion for SHU-A-THON.”