Seton Hill University received $11,500 from the Pennsylvania State Liquor Control Board to support alcohol education and prevention efforts for 2009-10.

With this funding, Seton Hill’s prevention specialist, Kimberley Cook will implement programming and outreach efforts in order to educate the Seton Hill community about the consequences of alcohol abuse.

According to Terri Bassi, director of Counseling, Disability & Health Services, the programming will be a two-part component for parents and students.

“At orientation, the parents of incoming students will receive alcohol information materials that will outline the policies and expectations of the University, as well as offer suggestions for parental actions that support the University’s policies and enforcement. Students will be provided with refusal skills training as part of freshman and transfer orientation,” said Bassi.

To reinforce the messages the students receive at orientation, bi-weekly e-mail messages will be sent to students that will focus on topics such as alcohol and injuries or alcohol and performance.

An alcohol education conference is planned for the spring of 2010.

“We will be inviting personnel from local colleges/universities as well as representatives from local high schools. Potential topics include ‘How to Recognize the Signs Associated with Abuse,’ ‘Campus Policies,’ and ‘Student Responsibilities,’” said Bassi.