Recently three Seton Hill University faculty members shared their thoughts on the iPad in the classroom after one full semester.

“The iPad offers flexibility as to what we can do in class. If we need to go on the web, we all have it. If we need to refer to works that are classics or source documents, we have it. If I use a web site for a particular lesson, it is there for us,” said John Spurlock, Ph.D., professor, history.

“It [iPad] livens up the classroom when it is integrated into activities and discussions. If the teacher uses it actively, the students follow suit. It also enhances collaboration. I've seen small student groups use them with little direction from me, in doing note-taking or collective research sharing,” said Michael Arnzen, Ph.D., associate professor, English, and chair of the Division of Humanities. “It is fascinating to see how adaptable the iPad can be to different circumstances, and how creative students can employ the tool for different ends. I think they also learn more about how to be creative with technology from each other than they ever have from a computer lab, since the mobility of the device allows and in some ways promotes sharing and face-to-face conversations.”

“The technology by itself isn’t enough. Training for faculty and staff, to encourage and reward the implementation of the devices at all levels of campus life, is what will make the difference. The faculty has to be on board in order for a tech initiative like this to succeed,” said Dennis Jerz, associate professor, English.