The Make-A-Wish Club at Seton Hill University made a wish come true for one young man. Through fundraising efforts, including selling Saint Patrick’s Day themed milkshakes and t-shirts, during the 2011-2012 academic year, the club raised $1,500 to donate to the Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia."

“The group of students we have in the Make-A-Wish Club is wonderful. They were so happy to fulfill the wish of the young man,” said Darren Achtzehn, director of Dining Services and advisor of the club. “We are already planning for 2012-13 and cannot wait to grant another wish.”

Many people do not expect a teenager to list reading among his favorite activities. But for Caleb, reading is exciting and soothing, and, in many cases, a much-needed escape from numerous visits to doctors or medical tests. “Caleb’s wish wasn’t for a trip to Disney World; he didn’t want to meet a sports hero,” said Brittany Youngman, development coordinator, Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia." “He simply asked for a reading-themed shopping spree.”

Recently, through Seton Hill’s donation, Caleb’s wish came true. Caleb and his family were escorted to all of his favorite book stores where the managers were waiting for him. There were balloons, refreshments and a wide variety of books that Caleb added to his “wish list.” “One bookstore even created ‘Caleb’s Corner’ where he was able to rest and relax with his favorite titles,” said Youngman. “Caleb’s wish day ended at his favorite restaurant where his family gathered around him as he began to pen his story, a story with a happy ending.”