GREENSBURG, PA- Heather Piper, marketing major, daughter of Ronald and Rita Piper of Johnstown, PA, graduated this May from Seton Hill College, as the Martha Raak Scholar.

Piper was an Adult Degree Program student at Seton Hill. She transferred to the college during her sophomore year after first attending Westmoreland Community College. Piper plans to continue her studies as a graduate student in the fall 2002.

The Martha Raak Scholarship, named for Martha Raak who was Seton Hill’s Dean of Continuing Education until her retirement in 1999, recognizes students who maintain a GPA of 3.5. In addition, candidates for the award, must be 24 years of age or older. For information on the scholarship, contact Michael Brewer, Program Advisor, in the Office of Graduate and Adult Studies at Seton Hill at 724-830-4634.