GREENSBURG, PA- Brian Dawson of Greensburg, PA, recently joined the information and communication technologies department at Seton Hill College as an information and communication technology technician. In his new position, Dawson restores hard drives and ensures that the computer labs on campus are running smoothly for student and employee use. Since joining the College, Dawson has worked to maintain the computer labs, set up and maintain student dorm connections and update applications including Microsoft and Norton Antivirus on all lab machines. Coming from a retail position as a PC technician for Best Buy, Dawson says he enjoys his new position at the College where he has been able to learn more about the new software available as he downloads the applications for use on campus. "I’m learning about different Internet software, web browsers and FTP," Dawson said. "We are also installing a Musical Instrument Digital Interaction program in the music department. Just getting a chance to play around and learn more about the software is exciting for me."