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GREENSBURG, PA- Senior art history and chemistry major Demetra Chengelis of Ashland, Ohio is spending this spring semester interning at the WARHOL museum in Pittsburgh. Taking on dual roles, Chengelis works in the museum registrar and conservation departments.

As a part of the registrar, Chengelis’ responsibilities include tracking artwork, museum mailings, and contacting private collectors in an attempt to acquire artwork to exhibit at special shows.

Working in the conservation department, Chengelis has the rare opportunity to come into contact with WARHOL originals. Part of her responsibilities involve cleaning paper artwork, ranging from WARHOL’s personal sketches to prints. Using chemical solvents and more conventional methods such as elbow grease and an eraser, Chengelis helps by ridding the artwork of dirt and smudges which help to conserve the original luster of the piece. She also assists in the design and set-up of art displays. Chengelis has recently finished work on the newest exhibit at the WARHOL, "Obsession Possession," which runs through May 18th. This exhibit showcases Andy Warhol’s personal collections. Within the exhibit you can find Warhol’s cookie jars in a display that Chengelis designed.

"It’s been a really fun internship and has given me lots of experience with the types of problems conservators run into," Chengelis stated, referring to her future hopes of working in the conservation sciences which would allow her to work on new methods of art conservation. Chengelis will graduate on May 11, 2002.