GREENSBURG, PA- The management programs at Seton Hill College recently received initial accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). IACBE accredits degree and certificate programs in business and business-related fields. “The accreditation considers outcomes assessment as a fundamental tool for the continuance and further development of quality business majors,” said Cathy Giunta, assistant professor of management. It presents an external stamp of approval which can be recognized by employers and other outside bodies.” The program will apply for full accreditation after completing a comprehensive self-study report. The faculty expects to have the full accreditation review completed by the end of spring 2002. Accreditation by IACBE is based on an independent evaluation of business degree programs in an institution by a group of professional business educators. The quality of business degree programs is measured by evaluating certain inputs to the educational process, by the educational activities related to the teaching/ learning process and by an assessment of the outcomes of the teaching/ learning process. Sr. Victoria Marie Gribschaw, chair of the division of management, family and consumer sciences, said: “Of the three accrediting bodies for business programs, the IACBE’s mission is most compatible with the mission of the Seton Hill College business programs. Our students benefit by having the quality of our management programs validated by an external accrediting body. The management faculty benefit by participating in a mission-based, outcomes driven accreditation, which helps them to identify where changes and improvements are needed in the management programs. This will encourage continued innovations in our management programs.” IACBE is devoted to promoting excellence in teaching/ learning in business programs in higher education. It accomplishes this goal in part by providing assistance to institutions in their efforts to become accredited and in maintaining their accreditation status.