GREENSBURG, PA- On December 17, 2000, Seton Hill College (SHC) will award a total of 79 undergraduate degrees and 34 masters degrees. Sr. Ann Infanger, S.C., Ph.D., professor of biology, presided over the Commencement ceremonies in Cecilian Hall on campus. Dr. Mary Ann Gawelek, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, presented the candidates for degrees, and Dr. JoAnne Boyle, President of the College, conferred the degrees. Marvin Huls, associate professor of music at Seton Hill College, addressed the graduating class. Sr. Lois Sculco, S.C., Ph.D., Vice President for Administrative and Student Life, delivered the blessing to conclude the commencement exercises. A breakdown of the graduates and the degrees by schools and programs follows: Illinois Glenview Heather Donovon, M.A., counseling psychology Japan Aichi Nozomi Horio, B.A., Self-Designed Kanagawa Pre. Mari Kitahara, B.A. Management- cum laude Maryland Waldorf Virginia E. Cavey, B.M., Music- summa cum laude New Jersey Collingwood Dominique N. Olivo, B.A., Theatre Ohio Lorain Randi L. Ford. B.A., Self-Designed- magna cum laude Pennsylvania Apollo Krista M. Knepshield , B.A., Sociology Bovard Michael J. Soich, B.A., Management- magna cum laude Connellsville Sheri A. Bradish, B.S., Biology Delmont Tom P. Saksa, M.A., counseling psychology Derry Robin A. Leaf, B.A., Psychology Dunbar Larry Krizner, M.S., Management Elizabeth Frank W. Charles, M.S., Management Jaime W. Lawson, M.A., counseling psychology Export Marilyn J. Bartolacci, B.A., Communication- summa cum laude Fayette City Jennifer Gardner, M.A., Special Education Greensburg Michelle L. Alderson, B.S., Self-Designed Sr. Jean L. Augustine, B.A., English Stacey R. Armel, B.A., Management- cum laude Brian W. Brentzel, B.S., Management Linlee M. Brockman, M.S., Management Emily D. Drury, B.A., Psychology Tricia L. Gaia, M.S., Management Karen A. Gallentine, B.A., Management- summa cum laude Brian Gnesda, B.S., Computer Science- cum laude Alison L. Gray, M.A., Elementary Education Jeffrey R. Guy, B.A., Art Therapy Donna L. Hixson, B.S., Management- summa cum laude Marlene Johnson, M.S., Management Nicole A. Kontir, B.A., Art Therapy Karen Koza, M.A., Elementary Education Kathryn J. Kuhns, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences Hailey R. Lewis, M.S., Management Teresa Lukasik, M.S., Management Stephanie B. Newell, B.A., Psychology- magna cum laude Deanna M. Querio, B.A., Psychology- cum laude Holly L. Rowe, B.A., Management- magna cum laude Michael Sekelsky, M.S., Management Molly Robb Shimko, M.S., Management Lori R. Simon, B.S., Management- cum laude Marion J. Slone, M.A., Special Education Tamara R. Smith, B.A., Human Services- magna cum laude Lori M. Swettlen, B.A., Management- magna cum laude Jennifer M. Williams, B.A., Psychology Harrison City Shannon R. Moyer, B.M., Music Education Hunker Kris A. Roscoe, B.M., Music Education- cum laude Indiana Amy L. Lockard, B.A., Human Services Irwin Laurie J. English, M.S., Management Michael J. Kosoglow, M.S., Management Lisa N. Saporito, B.A. Art- magna cum laude Tracey L. Sokolovic, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences- magna cum laude Johnstown Cynthia L. Burns, CCW, B.A., Theology- summa cum laude Eric S. Ecklund, M.S., Management Jolene M. Gardill, M.S., Management Amanda J. Krause, M.A., counseling psychology Latrobe Marsha Brasile, B.S., Management, magna cum laude Brenda K. Downey, M.S., Management Jacqueline M. Fajt, B.A., Communication- summa cum laude Celine Haas, M.S., Management Gretchen A. Himler, B.S., Management- cum laude Christine Malik, B.S., Management- magna cum laude Joseph T. Mendish, M.S., Management Stacey L. Muchnok, B.S., Management Dee A. Pruett, B.A., Human Services Susan N. Read, B.S., Accounting Staci L. Seybold, B.S., Management- magna cum laude Sandra J. Sims, B.S., Management Jennifer A. Smoker, B.A., Psychology- magna cum laude Lower Burrell Eileen M. Stamps, B.A., General Studies Madison Mary Prutz, M.S., Management Monessen Diane L. Poole, M.A., Counseling Psychology Mount Pleasant Linda K. DePree, B.A., Management- summa cum laude Bradley J. Dovey, B.A., History Amber J. Hrabak, B.A., Communication Nicole Krystyniak, M.S., Management Leslie A. Kuhns, B.A., Family Studies- cum laude Judy L. Shernock, B.A., Communication- magna cum laude New Alexandria Kathy A. Hudson, B.A., Human Services- magna cum laude Donna I. Latimer, B.S., Accounting- summa cum laude Victoria Rizzo, B.A., Human Services- cum laude New Derry James Salandro, B.S., Computer Services- summa cum laude New Stanton Billie J. Coulson, B.S., Accounting- summa cum laude North Huntingdon Daniel D. Buri, B.A., Management- summa cum laude Claudine L. Guldin, B.A., Management Patricia L. Hickey, B.A., Management- magna cum laude Amanda J. Sandor, B.A., Social Work North Irwin Mary L. Milko, M.A., Special Education Norvelt Karen L. Polcha, B.S., Management- magna cum laude Ohiopyle Pamela S. Burnsworth, B.S., Management- summa cum laude Philadelphia Shunta C. Henderson, B.S., Biology Pittsburgh Lisa E. Callaghan, B.A., General Studies- magna cum laude Meghan J. Coen, B.A., Management Donna Konias, M.S., Management Julia A. Lang, M.A., Special Education Kristin T. Saucedo, B.A., Human Services- magna cum laude Violet Uram, B.A., English Plum Jason E. Ralph, M.S., Management Saltsburg Carissa N. Poloff, B.S., Biology- cum laude Scottdale Paula M. Johnson, B.A., Art- magna cum laude Smithfield Barbara A. Garden, B.A., Human Services- summa cum laude Sutersville Carla M. Janitor, B.A., Self-Designed- cum laude Trafford Dominique C. Kinkella, B.A., Spanish- summa cum laude Uniontown Traci M. David, B.S., Management Eric M. Johnson, B.S., Computer Science- summa cum laude Judith A. Zorichak, B.S., Accounting- cum laude Vandergrift AnneMarie Stefanik, B.S., Management Waynesburg Mark D. Dicks, B.A., Human Services- cum laude White Oak Gina M. Rudolph, M.A., Special Education Youngstown Kathleen A. Shirey, B.S., Management- summa cum laude Youngwood Christopher J. Kolbosky, M.S., Management Puerto Rico Toa Alta Wilfredo J. Morales, B.A., Political Science