Pati Beachley, associate professor of art, and Carol Brode, assistant professor of art and director of Harlan Gallery, collaborated on "Make;Shift," an installation art piece created inside a shipping container, for Pittsburgh's annual Three Rivers Arts Festival.

For the Contained exhibit, sixteen of Pittsburgh's "most creative artists" turned 10 separate shipping containers - the large metal rectangular containers you see on the backs of trucks or linked together on trains - into highly individual works of art.

"Make;Shift," the Contained installation from Brode and Beachley, used cyanotype, an antiquated form of monochromatic photography, to capture Market Square (the section of Pittsburgh where the containers were located) in a different way. In addition to the photography, the installation employed metal casting of objects found in Market Square and video footage. "Make;Shift" confronted the viewer with both fixed and fluid moments in time, providing a new way of looking at the urban experience.