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Seton Hill and The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA Host Art Show Featuring works by ACHIEVA customers on Nov. 29

What: Seton Hill University and The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA will host an art show featuring the works of ACHIEVA customers who participated in an art program facilitated by Seton Hill art therapy students during the Fall semester. ACHIEVA, the parent company of The Arc of Westmoreland, serves people throughout southwestern Pennsylvania with intellectual disabilities through a variety of support programs.

When: Tuesday, November 29 at 9:30 a.m.

Where: Seton Hill Arts Center, 201 W. Otterman St., Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Who: Sharon Greene, Executive Administrator of The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA and a Seton Hill alumna; Seton Hill art therapy students Victoria Kasaczun and Katie Gablick; Seton Hill Assistant Professor of Art Therapy Dana Elmendorf and nine customers of The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA.

Background: During the Fall 2016 semester, Seton Hill University art therapy undergraduate students Victoria Kasaczun and Katie Gablick served as facilitators of a new initiative that brought nine customers of The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA to the Seton Hill Arts Center for weekly art classes. They have been working on various art projects throughout the semester and will present their pieces in the art show as the culminating activity of the program.

The project between Seton Hill and The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA came about as ACHIEVA developed an initiative to provide more community experiences for individuals with disabilities. Through these efforts ACHIEVA is working to transition its more than 500 customers from segregated vocational programs to community-based inclusive environments. Seton Hill was among the community partners The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA reached out to.  As part of those discussions, two Seton Hill students wanted to do their senior field placements with The Arc of Westmoreland/ACHIEVA. But, instead of the traditional placement where the student goes to the participants, in this situation, the participants came to the field placement students.

Throughout the program, the ACHIEVA participants, all of whom requested to be a part of the art program, learned various techniques and used them each week. They also experienced group and community activities throughout Seton Hill’s campus and Westmoreland County.

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