The seed for "Project Rachel" was planted during Vicki Thorn’s high school years. Her friend, who was living with incest, had an abortion. The girl already had placed a child for adoption. After the second pregnancy, the girl’s mother whisked her off for an abortion. “She taught me a lot about women who suffer after an abortion. My friend needed more than a psychiatrist. There was a spiritual wound. She said that she could live with an adoption, but not with an abortion.” After serving as a birthright volunteer, Vicki served 11 years as a Right to Life Director for the Milwaukee diocese. In 1984, she began “Project Rachel”.

Vicki Thorn will address “healthy sexual choices” for women. The society that we live in has promoted the lie that sex is without consequences, it’s like brushing your teeth. But Vicki will talk on biochemical “love,” the complicated biological process of sex, cohabitating risks and cancer risks. To choose to have an abortion is to reject sexual intimacy and the result of that intimacy, the child. Join with us and other friends of the unborn child to hear Vicki Thorn speak on “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made—What they didn’t tell you in sex ed” at the 12th annual Westmoreland County Interfaith Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast to be held on Saturday, October 7, 2006 at 10 A.M. at the Four Points Hotel in Greensburg, PA. This breakfast event marks an opportunity for people of all faiths in the pro-life community to gather for prayer, understanding and fellowship.