Ozren Bjelogrlić Serving as International Account Manager for One of Largest IT Companies in Croatia

30 under 30 logo graphicOzren Bjelogrlić always hoped to return to his native Croatia to work someday, and his education at Seton Hill helped him make his way home. 

“Croatian society has a high opinion on degrees from U.S. universities, and I was able to get a job for an excellent company,” says Ozren, who earned both his bachelor’s degree (2011) and MBA (2014) from Seton Hill. 

“I don't take people like Coach Morocco and Dr. Nelson for granted.”

Ozren lived and worked in New York City for a time after graduation as a talent representative for Kforce, focusing on the financial services industry. 

“Work and life in New York City gave me tremendous experience that I believe will be valuable wherever I go,” he says.

 Ozren transitioned into the technology sector when he returned to Croatia, working for Span, one of the largest IT companies in the country. As a Key Account Manager for International Markets, Ozren serves as the link between customers and the internal teams and ensures that clients are receiving service in a timely fashion.

He says the people he met at Seton Hill – particularly Basketball Coach Tony Morocco and MBA Program Director Dr. Doug Nelson – took the time to provide guidance, support and motivation.

“I don't take people like Coach Morocco and Dr. Nelson for granted,” he says. “I am thankful for them and others for making my Seton Hill experience unforgettable and teaching me some of the most important life lessons.”

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