Susan O’Neill, adjunct instructor and costume designer for Seton Hill University’s Division of Visual and Performing Arts, has been appointed the program coordinator and lead artist for the Vet Art Project Pittsburgh which is the local chapter of the Vet Art Project USA.

“I am very excited to lead this project,” said O’Neill. “I will be coordinating Vet Art Project events with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in Pittsburgh and am looking forward to a Vet Art Project presence at the 2011 National Veterans Wheel Chair Games.”

The mission statement of the Vet Art Project is to create opportunities for veterans and their family members to work in collaboration with artists from all disciplines to create new art about war for public performance and viewing. The goals of the Vet Art Project are to support veterans, create stronger voices among veterans, provide new opportunities for artists, offer a venue to hear the voices of veterans and artists and foster discussions about how war affects all. The Vet Art Project is based on the belief that we must talk of war to think of peace and an understanding that it is veterans who will lead the way.