On September 15, Seton Hill University welcomed guest speaker Bob Hall, a college lecturer and owner of Learning to Live with Conflict, which is located in Buffalo, N.Y. A professional in human sexuality, addiction and sexual behaviors, Hall spoke to students and faculty about “Non-Violent Sexuality.”

Cecilian Hall was filled with student-athletes and the freshman class to hear Hall’s presentation. Hall brought a humorous touch to this very powerful topic of non-violent sexuality. With only a couch and microphone on stage, Hall engaged the audience with his light-hearted demeanor.

“As a student-athlete, Hall made our small campus aware of what is right and wrong when engaging in strong decision making, and being an athlete is no exception for any issue,” stated Nina Gladysiewski, junior biology major and member of the track and field team.

Gladysiewski was just one of the many athletes present at this awareness lecture. With so many athletes present, Hall found unique ways to intertwine stories from other universities and relate to the Seton Hill campus. Hall captured the attention of everyone with his bold statements and facts that were designed to teach life lessons. Hall concluded the lecture saying, “Violence is silence in the voice, non-violence is breaking the silence.”