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Want to leave a lasting mark on the Hill? Now's your chance, and you can win a $100 gift card in the process.

Seton Hill University will be upgrading JWeb and CampusConnect into one new information portal in June 2008, and we want YOU to name it! Submit the catchiest, snappiest, most apt name for our new portal and you'll not only add a new word to our campus lexicon, but also win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Entering your idea is easy:

If you could rename JWeb or CampusConnect, what would you call it? Invent a snappy, catchy title that aptly describes what it is that a portal page combining JWeb and CampusConnect does. You might consider how other large websites (MySpace, Yahoo, iTunes, Google) are named, but originality counts.

How will your new name relate to Seton Hill? Names that specifically tie into the college's university's mission, institutional history, and unique identity will be more likely to win. You might turn to the campus catalog, local landmarks, or the university website for inspiration.

How will the name be interpreted? Avoid profanity, slurs, double-entendres, or any language that might potentially offend others.

SUBMIT as many entries as you like by e-mail to Anyone attached to SHU can enter. The DEADLINE is November 20th at 6 p.m. Include your proposed name(s) for the new portal, your own full name, and the mailing address to send your prize if you are chosen as the winner!