Students enrolled in 20th Century Art this semester had the opportunity to participate in the pilot project of a new application for the iPad, Art Authority. The app is a key part of a pilot program aimed at understanding how the iPad and the app can aid, extend and transform the traditional learning environment. The app was used to supplement the traditional delivery format in class.

“The students love it [Art Authority],” said Maureen Vissat, assistant professor, art. “They had the opportunity to discover other works by the same artists or connect to resources to uncover more information. The advantage of having 40,000 images in their hands has certainly made art history more intimate and personal.”

Vissat plans to make Art Authority part of her curriculum. She is also teaching an intensive writing course in art history and plans to implement several writing apps into the course design.

“Art Authority has really changed art history. In fact, my upper level students began using the Art Authority app in their studio classes and other students soon purchased it to augment their studio practice,” said Vissat. “I have been in contact with a professor from Lehman College in New York and he is very interested in learning about what we have done with art history, Art Authority, and the iPad at Seton Hill.”