“Religion and Spirituality: Steps Toward Bridging the Gap,” (Twenty-Third Publications, 2006), edited by Father Stephen Honeygosky, O.S.B., Ph.D., defines and examines the actual increasing tension and perceived dichotomy between religion and spirituality among all age groups, with particular attention to young adults (that is, 18-35). The ten contributors here (Father Stephen among them), examine the concept of there being more to “religion” than structure, rules, and rituals and more to “spirituality” than individualism, unaccountability, and disconnection from traditional religious practices. The contributors discuss how a common meeting ground can be found for both, with the goal of fostering their compatibility and growth.

"Religion and Spirituality" can be purchased at Amazon.com or directly from Twenty-Third Publications by calling 1-800-321-0411. Father Stephen will also have books for purchase at his book signings.