Football has been very much a part of Zack Delo’s young life, since childhood. Delo hails from Beaver County where he played football at Ambridge High School, a school noted for turning out its share of physically tough football players who go on to compete in the collegiate ranks.

After playing four solid years of scholastic football at Ambridge, which is a member of the highly competitive Parkway Conference, Delo wound up coming to Seton Hill University in Greensburg.

It just so happens that Joel Dolinski, current head football coach at Seton Hill, met Delo while he was an assistant coach for the Griffins.

Delo and Dolinski communicated, and it didn’t take long for Seton Hill to acquire a bruising tight end with a strong work ethic that had roots in Ambridge.

“I liked Coach Dolinski from the start and from that point on I knew that I would eventually wind up at Seton Hill. I just liked the campus, and what it had to offer for me,” said Delo.

“It is not easy maintaining a balance between athletics and academics, both are important and as a college athlete you’ve simply got to budget your time properly,” Delo added.

Delo says that he has thoroughly enjoyed his total experience as a student-athlete at Seton Hill University, but said over four years, one must learn how to get by during the difficult times.

During his four years at Seton Hill University Delo and his Griffin teammates have experienced both good and bad times together.

He said last season was extremely difficult for everyone on the football team when the Griffins finished with a 2-9 record.

Delo, who says he is not completely sure as to what the future holds, maintains a 3.87 grade point average in accounting. He believes there are many solid job opportunities in the accounting field.

In order to create a greater fan base and school spirit, each of the seven home football games will have a theme.

He believes that the Griffins will be a more experienced football team because the squad will have more depth, both on offense and defense.

Delo likes the high level of competition that the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WVIAC) presents.

He believes that in recent years Seton Hill has developed a football rivalry with West Liberty College.

He also is most proud of the role that Griffin football players devote to community service work in Westmoreland County.

Each year Griffin football players take part in the annual Heart to Heart Picnic for children with heart disorders. Griffin football players interact with children by participating in games in a farm atmosphere.

Delo has indicated that he would like to take a shot at playing professional football should he get an opportunity.

“I feel that I am up to the challenge of playing professional football, but I realize that all the right things would have to fall into place,” Delo admitted.

Right now, all Delo is really concentrating on is doing his part to see to it that Seton Hill University has a much better year in football.

“If this football team stays healthy we can have a much better year in football,” quipped Delo.