“For the Class of 2006, timing was everything,” said Class of 2006 President, Justin Norris. “Former Seton Hill President, Father Sullivan, wrote, ‘I opened not merely the door of this house; I swung the gates of an era.’ Indeed, we swung the gates of a new era as the first official co-ed class of Seton Hill, bringing new textures and flavors to the culture of this campus. We styled these buildings with initiative, motivation, and enthusiasm, and graced the women of Seton Hill with new perspectives and judicious curiosity.

We swung the gates of a new era when Seton Hill decided to change its college status to university status. We were the first class to complete our entire four years at Seton Hill University. In that time, we embarked on a dynamic course of ‘Hazard yet Forward’ upholding old traditions and creating new ones as well. Indeed, our sisters from the past taught us well: to take tradition and innovation and truly transform the world; to take experience and imagination and create a meaningful existence; to merge the practical and the ideal and discover a new reality.

This clock symbolizes a convergence of the old and the new; the past and present; antiquity and modernity. We stand at the crossroads to the end of one era, and the beginning of another. It is the pleasure of the Class of 2006 to dedicate officially this street clock as a senior class gift to Dr. JoAnne Boyle on behalf of Seton Hill University. We hope that it will be an example of charity—learned from the very essence of the Sisters who founded Seton Hill—and that it will inspire future classes to give back to something so priceless. We hope this clock endures for many more eras to come!”

Photo: Class Advisor Lisa Carino, director of the Annual Fund, with Class of 2006 representatives Justin Norris, Gina Eachus and Adrianne Scarsella.