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Twelve Latrobe Senior High School students were recognized for their academic improvement and achievement, attendance record, and community service endeavors through The Challenge Program awards. In addition to a certificate of recognition, each student received cash awards of $250.

Seton Hill University sponsors the Challenge Program at Latrobe Senior High School. The University’s Assistant Director of Admissions Ashley Josay commented: “We appreciate how hard the student honorees worked to reach their goals and look forward to their continuing success.”

The Challenge Program, Inc. motivates students to perform well by providing financial incentives for successes they achieve while in school, as well as by building a bridge between high school students and the business community. The program recognizes students in grades 10 through 12 with awards in four categories: Most Improved in the Class, Attendance, Community Service, and Best Overall GPA in the Class.

The Challenge Program was founded in 2004 at one school by Johnstown, Pa. businessman Dan Perkins, founder and chairman of MTS Technologies. The program now works with 140,000 students from 110 schools in 20 counties spanning Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware. Since May 2004, The Challenge Program has awarded $1 million to students.

Students recognized at Latrobe Senior High School include:

Robert Baum, Attendance Grade 10
Sara Brasile, Attendance Grade 12
Daniel Bucci, Academic Excellence Grade 11
Anthony College, Community Service Grade 12
Luke Finlay, Community Service Grade 11
Samuel Fox, Academic Excellence Grade 12
Janelle Palmer, Academic Improvement Grade 11
Joshua Presock, Academic Improvement Grade 10
Brandon Tlumack, Community Service Grade 10
Danielle Weik, Academic Improvement Grade 12
Derrick Wells, Attendance Grade 11
Robert Wertz, Academic Excellence Grade 10