Business Grad and Student-Athlete Earns MBA and Head Coaching Job

Choosing the lacrosse field over the boardroom was easy for Keagan Pontious, who in June was named head coach of the Hope College women’s team. 

While earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Seton Hill, she made a career decision during an internship with a financial planner. “It made me want to coach, because I’m not a person who wants to sit in an office all day and analyze numbers,” she says. “I need to be outdoors and be active.” 

She has high expectations for the Flying Dutch, who last year had their best season in team history, earning their second shot at Michigan’s state championship. 

“This year, my No. 1 goal is to win the conference,” says Pontious, who in August finished her MBA at Seton Hill. 

She overcame two season-ending surgeries to score 58 goals during Seton Hill’s 2019 season, helping the team to its first postseason appearance in the NCAA Division II Tournament. 

“The injury I had in my sophomore year was heartbreaking, but it made me a stronger person. If I came back from that one, I knew I could do anything,” Pontious says. 

Seton Hill’s young alumni are making their mark on the world through their work in science and healthcare, finance and business, industry, entertainment and service to those in need. The Fall/Winter 2019 edition of Seton Hill’s Forward magazine featured 30 of these alumni, all under the age of 30. You can find all of their stories here on Seton Hill’s site (just look for the “30 Under 30” icon).