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Behavioral Health Grad Moves Forward in Career 

Aubrey Fraser started her Seton Hill education more than 15 years ago as an elementary education major. 

“I went all the way up to my student teaching and decided to quit,” she said. “Big mistake!”

Luckily for Aubrey, it all worked out. She found a fulfilling career working with adults having disabilities. When she decided to move forward in that field, she came right back to Seton Hill, her “home away from home.”

Aubrey, who is the IDD Admission and Discharge Specialist at Milestone Centers, Inc., jumped at the chance to answer some questions about returning to college as an adult student.

What made you decide to get your behavioral health degree at Seton Hill?

My experience joining the Adult Degree Program felt like a flashback or a surreal moment in time when your parents tell you the night of your big talent show: “you can do this, you got this!”  From Debbie Fredo to Dr. Paharik, they were like the cool, calm and collected parents giving me the added push I so needed after all the years of toying with the idea to go back to school to finish my degree. 

"It is a small university in a big world, but it is packed with guidance, knowledge, and, most of all, endless encouragement."  

What was the experience like?

I took all online classes except one, but that didn’t matter as far as personal interaction. I still felt the interaction through a phone call, an email, or a brief meeting. My experience was all I hoped it would be. Frustrating at times - working full time, maintaining my home life (I’m married with young children), and trying to stay on top of it all was a huge accomplishment for me personally. 

Did the Behavioral Health Program further your career?

The Behavioral Health Program did continue my preparation for my current career, and hopefully my transition to further my career. It gave me a fresh take on human services since I have been in the field for so long. It opened my eyes to new career options under the umbrella of Behavioral Health. I didn’t know how much was out there.  

What would you like prospective students to know about Seton Hill or the Behavioral Health Program?

Dear future students of Seton Hill and students within the behavioral health major:

Seton Hill has a “university next door” kind of feeling.  It provides you with a door to the future. The educators at Seton Hill really want you to reach your highest potential and will work with you to succeed. It is a small university in a big world, but it is packed with guidance, knowledge, and, most of all, endless encouragement.  GO SHU!  What are you waiting for, climb the Hill and join the future!


Aubrey Fraser - a forever Seton Hill gal