Behavioral Health and Special Education Grad Works To Improve the Lives of Disabled Adults

Cheryl Parker started college knowing that she wanted a career path that focused on helping others. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got to school, but I knew I wanted to help people any way I could.”

After a short stint at Edinboro University, Cheryl took some time off.

“I took a break from school to try and find myself and what I am really passionate about,” she says. 

“Seton Hill helped me to truly consider and uphold the dignity of each human person."

Soon after, she began working with adults with disabilities. She developed a passion for the work  and decided to earn her associate’s degree in human services from Westmoreland County Community College.  

Cheryl wanted to further her education, but was working as well as starting a family.  Then she heard about the Adult Degree Program at Seton Hill. 

“Social justice was tied into the model of the Seton Hill mission through Catholic Social Teaching,” Cheryl says. “So naturally, the Behavioral Health Program made sense for me.”

After completing her bachelor’s in Behavioral Health, Cheryl went on to earn a master’s in Special Education at Seton Hill.  Today, she is the western region director for Person Driven Clinical Solutions (PDCS). PDCS works with disabled adults and their support systems.  Cheryl also teaches in the Behavioral Health Program at Seton Hill. 

“Seton Hill helped me to truly consider and uphold the dignity of each human person,” she says. “Professors at Seton Hill were some of my greatest cheerleaders and supporters and taught me so much that I continue to use today.”