The Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) club and CareerWorks hosted “A Night Out on the Hill,” an etiquette dinner and presentation on Wednesday, March 3.

Nearly 70 students interested in learning about proper manners and protocol in anticipation of prospective job interviews and opportunities attended the event. Darren Achtzehn, director of food services at Seton Hill, presented at the dinner, drawing stories from his 20-year career in the hospitality and food service management business.

The evening concluded with a presentation by Justin Norris, director of development at Seton Hill, about networking and the importance of relationship building in job searching and career success.

“Etiquette and networking have never been more important in the business world than now,” said Norris. “This opportunity readies students for a competitive job market at a time when companies are searching for ways to teach their current workforce soft skills. Our Seton Hill students will already have those before they enter the world of work.”