A Busy History Major

My name is Jonteal Hasty and I am a history major. I am entering into my last year at Seton Hill University, and in my time here, I have had the opportunity to be apart of so many things that have made me into the person I am today.

At SHU, my freshmen year I was the Class of 2019 Vice President. This paved the way to other student involvement activities like actively becoming involved in the Fashion Shows that are held every year. This upcoming year, I plan to coordinate the show for my senior year. Other clubs and activities that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of are the Black Student Union, Multicultural and International Student Organization (MISO), Model UN and the Step Team. My favorite thing, though, has been serving as a SHU Student Ambassador. Being a part of that club has opened me open to charities and volunteer work, like building homes for the less fortunate. Also, it made me realize how important it is to have a relationship with alumni of our school.

"I chose to study history because I always believed that it is essential to understand this world, this life that has been here long before us."

It has also been important to make sure other students recognize someone helpful and trustworthy. Becoming an orientation leader and connection course student mentor for incoming freshmen has been a true blessing in disguise. While I have guided others through so much and advised them through much more, they have also without knowing helped me along the way.

I also got to be a SHU cheerleader for 2 years, 4 seasons, 3 different sports. Being a cheerleader helped me to stay involved with other athletes, along with spreading positivity and encouragement to the rest of the student body. Lastly, I have been a Track and Field athlete and I am going on my last and 4th year. Being a part of this sport has not only motivated me to be a better athlete, but also a better student. My coaches, my family, my friends and teammates, and staff of Seton Hill have always encouraged me to persevere under any and all conditions.

All of these activities, clubs, and sports have been so very important to me. I have become a student advocate, a face that many see, a host, an MC for events. Yet, the most important thing at SHU has always and always will be my education. Being a history major has expanded my brain in many ways. I am now more analytical, more open minded, and a better writer because of my major. Many people ask me what my major is, thinking it’ll be something like dance or theatre because of my personality. I chose to study history because I always believed that it is essential to understand this world, this life that has been here long before us. I wanted to understand every event that initially led us all to these very moments we are living right now. Understanding what happened before me, I now know how I will contribute to the world after me.

I’m a busy woman and a busier student. I am always exploring the new in order to understand who I want to be. I think that’s the point of life.