William Horner
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Wilmington, DE
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W. H. Horner is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Fantasist Enterprises, a small press dedicated to illustrated fantasy and horror short story anthologies and novels, and he is a freelance editor and author coach. He has worked with beginning authors, NYT best-sellers, and authors at all experience levels between. He has been an educator in higher education for ten years, and utilizes his training in educational best practices and learning theory in his mentoring process. Will is a 2006 graduate of the WPF program, so he understands much of the student experience. He is detail-oriented (and a stickler for good grammar, though not at the expense of appropriate style) and appreciates students who attempt to apply feedback right away to avoid repeating mistakes (and to build new and more effective habits). When each submission arrives cleaner, deeper issues can be tackled. He appreciates students who ask questions, showing that they are engaged in their learning. Will’s mentoring genres in order of preference are fantasy (epic/high, dark, swords & sorcery, urban/contemporary), horror (prefers moody, psychological horror over gratuitous gore), SF (space opera, MilSF), thrillers/suspense (especially supernatural, though military/techno-thrillers as well).