Travis Mitzel
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Pittsburgh, PA
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My work is focused on confronting climate catastrophe, dealing with eco-anxiety, and practicing new eco-mythology. I am interested in exploring an individual's role in a new epoch marked by a mass extinction, climate disaster, and toxic waste. To do so I often partner with non-humans and humans in creating my photographic and mixed-media based works and seek out their help in my research practice. Often times I cohabit and continue to cohabit with many of my non-human partners. My work exists to deal with the overwhelming eco-anxiety that I feel and to illuminate interesting non-human experiences or histories. This is often an exploration of the strange and humorous circumstances of existence in the Anthropocene. My work looks for simple ways to move forward, make kin, better the now and maybe (not looking great) the future too.



  • Minding Nature Journal, New Ecological Practices of Making Space: The Great Lakes System, (2019) [More Information]


  • Carnegie Museum of Art Purchase Award, AAP 105th Annual exhibition (2016) [More Information]



  • Travis Mitzel, "Enviro-Art Gallery 2021 guest speaker" (Duke University) April 2021 [More Information]


  • 2021 - Making Kin World's Becoming - Online art exhibition hosted by Center for Humans & Nature curated by Andrew S. Yang - A photographic series of Goldfish in plastic bags is featured in the exhibition. [More Information]
  • 2020 - Counterpressures - Carnegie Museum of Art - Curated by Hannah Turpin - A Group show about Pittsburgh area artists who are focused on the climate crisis and make work in response to it. - Exhibited Carbon Sequestration, 2018, sculpture. [More Information]
  • 2019 - Messier Objects - 062 Gallery Chicago - Exhibited photos, video, and sculpture under the title "Explorations of No Space" [More Information]
  • 2019 - "------" - Space Gallery Pittsburgh - Curated by Brett Yasko - I was asked to shoot a roll of 35mm film and then send it undeveloped to the exhibition, my images were printed and displayed alongside 86 other artists. [More Information]