Nicole Peeler Ph.D.
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Aurora, IL
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Nicole Peeler writes urban fantasy novels for Orbit Books, and teaches undergraduate and graduate writing classes at Seton Hill University. Her academic interests include Modern and Postmodern fiction; issues of gender, sexuality, and power; and the pre-ideological development of values. Her teaching interests include Modern fiction, fiction writing, composition, and building author platforms.


  • B.A., with Distinction, Boston University (Boston, MA), 2000 [More Information]
  • Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2008


  • "The Art of Turning 40" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "Talk Spanglish to Me" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "The Joys and Perils of Having a Nickname" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "Why I'm No Longer Jealous Of My Beautiful Friends" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "The Bar That Showed Me Who I Could Have Been" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "A Personal History of Dating Men With Potential" (2019), Medium. [More Information]
  • "Vampires, Great Men of Letters, and Me" (2018), Medium [More Information]
  • Jinn and Juice (2015), Orbit Books.
  • "Borderline Dead," Dead But Not Forgotten (2014).
  • Tempest Reborn (2013); Orbit Books
  • Tempest's Fury (2012), Orbit Books.
  • "Something Wikkid This Way Comes" (2012), Orbit Digital Press.
  • “Nearly Finished,” Many Genres One Craft (2011), Headline Books. [More Information]
  • Eye of the Tempest (2011), Orbit Books.
  • Tempest's Legacy (2010), Orbit Books.
  • "The Woman of Ressentiment in When She Was Good." Philip Roth Studies Journal. Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2010. [More Information]
  • Tracking the Tempest (2010), Orbit Books.
  • Tempest Rising (2009), Orbit Books.


  • RT Book Reviews Reviewer's Choice Award (2013)


  • Romance Writers of America
  • Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) [More Information]


  • “When Words Collide—How Creative Writing Programs Address Popular Fiction” (Panelist). AWP 2015. Minneapolis, MN. April 9, 2015.
  • “What Belongs in the Romance Canon?” (Panelist). What is Love: Romance Fiction in the Digital Age. Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Feb. 11, 2015.
  • “Fragmenting Opportunity.” Coherent Fragments and the “Big Books” of Modernism. MSA 16 (Modernist Studies Association). Pittsburgh, PA, 8/7/2014.
  • Distinguished Speaker, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Lecture on Worldbuilding and Public Reading, Shreveport, LA, 31 Oct 2013.
  • “Experiencing the Unexperienced: Theories of Trauma in Derrida and Blanchot.” Reeling in the Years: 30 Years of Film, TV and Popular Culture. Southwest Texas PCA/ACA. Albuquerque, NM. 27 February 2009.