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Raleigh, NC
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Laura Sloan Patterson received her Ph.D. in English Literature from Vanderbilt University with areas of specialization in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, southern literature, women's literature, and feminist theory. Her research interests include southern women's literature, domesticity, material culture, composition pedagogy, and the use of technology in the classroom.


  • Ph.D., Department of English, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN), 2001
  • M.A., Department of English, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN), 1997
  • B.A., Magna Cum Laude in English Literature, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ), 1996


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  • Openness Award, Stars at Seton Hill (Service Award), Seton Hill University, May 2008
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, Vanderbilt University, 2000-2001
  • Tuition Fellowship, Vanderbilt University, 1996-2001
  • Susan Ford Wiltshire Prize for Graduate Essay on a Women’s Studies Topic, Vanderbilt University, 2000
  • Dissertation Enhancement Grant, Vanderbilt University, 2000
  • Teaching Assistantship, Vanderbilt University, 1997-2000


  • College Composition and Communication
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators
  • Ellen Glasgow Society of the American Literature Association
  • Modern Language Association
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • Pittsburgh Area Composition Directors
  • Society for the Study of Southern Literature


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  • Women's Negotiation Training for Project Catapult, Pennsylvania Women and Girls Foundation


  • Invited to lead workshop:“Using iPads in Teaching and Learning.” June 2011 Faculty Development Workshops, Arcadia University. Glenside, PA. June 14-16, 2011.
  • Selected to participate in the Council of Independent Colleges Information Fluency Workshop. New Orleans, Louisiana. March 2010.
  • Selected to participate in Faculty Seminar on Slave Narratives at Yale University, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History: June 7-10 2009
  • Computer-Assisted Writing Coordinator, College Writing Program, Vanderbilt University, 2003-04
  • Lecturer, Department of English and Program in Women’s Studies, Vanderbilt University, 2001-2004
  • President, English Graduate Student Association, Vanderbilt University, 2000-2001
  • Master Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, 2000-2001