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Jen Jones Ph.D.
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Latrobe, PA
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Jen Jones, Ph.D. is associate professor and department coordinator of communication in the School of Business at Seton Hill University. She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University with emphasis areas in interpersonal and organizational communication, and communication ethics and crisis in the public sphere. She received an M.B.A. from Duquesne’s Palumbo-Donahue School of Business with a focus in Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the Eberly College of Business at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Prior to teaching in an academic setting, Jones worked for one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the country as an assistant buyer handling major brands and accounts. She also worked as a director for a large resort where she coached over sixty staff members and was actively involved in strategic planning. In this role, she designed and operated a team building and leadership development program that provided training for over one hundred corporate clients. Later she worked as a consultant for two hospital systems on the topics of diversity and intercultural communication, and the creation of an organizational culture of care.
Jones has been an invited speaker both nationally and internationally. At the International Symposium on Innovation, Leadership, and Change in Colombo, Sri Lanka, she presented Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: Business Ethics Theory and Practice. She was also a presenter for the Center of University Scholars at Jackson State University where she led the workshop Collaborative Communication and Team Building. She regularly presents at the annual International Leadership Association conference. Additionally, she has been a featured speaker for multiple gender and women studies organizations such as the Pennsylvania ACE Network, The Claire R. Schmieler Leadership Institute, and The Leadership Institute for Faculty Women. Jen is a member of the advisory committee for the Gender and Women Studies program at Seton Hill, and teaches courses in the program.
Dr. Jones maintains an active research agenda. Her scholarship integrates the humanities with contemporary issues in leadership, organizations, and interpersonal communication. Her work illuminates insights from Kafka, Saint Edith Stein, Emmanuel Levinas, Thomas Merton, and Aristotle. Notably, her scholarship on responsible leadership has been cited by numerous scholars and was integrated into an international seminar on ethics of leadership and decision-making. She serves as a reviewer for multiple journals including Business Ethics Quarterly, Business and Professional Ethics, Leadership, and Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, among others, and was the senior editorial assistant for the Review of Communication. She is the immediate past president of the Pennsylvania Communication Association, and is the current chair of undergraduate research for the association.
Jones integrates her scholarship in her academic teaching where she has worked for twelve years. Her teaching experience is extensive spanning courses in communication theory, business communication, corporate ethics and social responsibility, crisis management, and organizational leadership. She has taught internationally in China, India, and Italy, has studied in western and eastern Europe, and Israel, and has taken students on study abroad experiences in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. In her courses at Seton Hill, Jones integrates service learning to address social justice issues and community revitalization. She and her students have served the homeless community in Pittsburgh, sponsored a shop local campaign in Greensburg, and partnered with a global fair trade organization. Her students also initiated a campus-wide speaker series on the topic of human trafficking.


  • Ph.D., Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA), 2014
  • MBA, Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA), 2007
  • BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA), 1998


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  • National Communication Association; International Leadership Association; Pennsylvania Communication Association (Immediate Past President); Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi


  • “Subversive Leadership for People at the Edge” 2020 International Leadership Association (online) roundtable member
  • “An Ethic of Care on the Edge: Paradoxes of Caring Leadership” 2020 International Leadership Association (online)
  • “Edith Stein’s Empathic Leadership: On the Phenomenological Edge of the Finite and Infinite” 2020 International Leadership Association (online)
  • “Giving Voice to a Female Pragmatist: Ruth Anna Putnam” 2019 Philosophy of Communication Salon, Pennsylvania Communication Association (Reading, PA)
  • “Courageous Love Casting Out Hatred: How Women Religious Risk their Safety to Care for the Marginalized” 2019 Pennsylvania Leadership Studies (Harrisburg, PA) and 2019 International Leadership Association (Ottawa, Canada) co-presenter
  • “Empathic Student Leadership: Stein’s Phenomenological Perspective for Experiential Learning” 2018 Extensions of Stein: Advocacy and Empathy in Philosophy of Communication (Greensburg, PA)
  • “What do Libraries have to do with the YMCA, Humane Society, Fair Trade, and Undergraduate Research?” 2018 Pennsylvania Libraries Association Conference (Harrisburg, PA)
  • “Women Advocating for Women” 2018 Pennsylvania ACE Network (Greensburg, PA)
  • “Leadership Lessons from Female Philosophers: Underrepresented Valuable Voices” 2018 Pennsylvania Leadership Studies (Harrisburg, PA)
  • “Leadership for Community and Social Entrepreneurship” 2018 International Leadership Association (West Palm Beach, FL)
  • “Small Teaching in Activity-Based Learning: Expanding Big Ideas throughout a Communication Research Course” 2017 PCA Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Empathic Leadership: Saint Edith Stein’s Phenomenological Perspective” 2017 Pennsylvania Sociology Association (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “An Aristotelian Perspective of Place Making and Branding for Community Development” 2017 Pennsylvania Communication Association (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Issues of Accreditation Changes and Our Responsiveness in Communication” 2017 PCA Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “A Pragmatic Leadership: Ruth Anna Putnam’s Moral Value and Democracy in an Age of Populism” 2017 International Studying Leadership (Richmond, VA)
  • “Apologia Pro Vita Mea: Humanities and Business” 2017 National Communication Association (Dallas, TX)
  • “Student Poster Session” Judge, 2018 International Leadership Association (West Palm Beach, FL)
  • “Collaborative Communication and Team Building” 2017 Center for University Scholars (Jackson, MS)
  • “Collaborative Communication and Team Building” 2017 Center for University Scholars (Jackson, MS)
  • “Hegemony with Good Intentions: Problematizing Conscious Capitalism and Other Socially Responsible Business Practices” (2016) National Communication Association Convention (Philadelphia, PA)
  • “Methodology for Interpretive Leadership Scholarship” International Studying Leadership 2014 Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • “Existential Leadership: Interpersonal Engagement within Organizations” International Leadership Association 2014 Conference (San Diego, CA)
  • "From the Toy Store Pink Aisle to Marketplace Pink Collar Jobs: Building and Becoming Otherwise with Goldie Blox" NCA 2014 Conference (Chicago, IL)
  • “An Interplay of Rhetoric and Phenomenology in the Working Life of the Poor” National Communication Association 2014 Conference (Chicago, IL)
  • “Merton’s Existential Communication: The Meaning and Power of Love” Pennsylvania Communication Association 2014 Pre-Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Existential Education: An Indirect Communicative Pedagogy” Pennsylvania Communication Association 2014 Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Existential Meeting of Horizons” Phenomenology Roundtable 2014 (Buffalo, NY)
  • “Applying and Interviewing for Employment” (2015). Society for Human Resources, Student Chapter (Indiana, PA).
  • “Women in the Workplace: Building & Maintaining Sisterhood” (2014). The Claire R. Schmieler Leadership Institute (Slippery Rock, PA)
  • Keynote “Determinants of Success: Rats, Brick Walls, and 10,000 Hours” 2014, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Annual Initiation Ceremony (Greensburg, PA)
  • “A Word of Caution for Appreciative Inquiry” (2015). National Communication Association Convention, Las Vegas, NV.
  • “Being and Somethingness: In Inquiry into Existential Communication” (2015). Pennsylvania Communication Association Pre-Conference, York, PA.
  • “Cultural Diversity in Business Communication” 2013 Case per ferie “Casa di Nazareth” Suore della Sacra Famiglia di Nazareth (Boccea, Italy)
  • “Women in the Workplace: Building & Maintaining Sisterhood” 2014; “Women in the Workplace: Historical and Contemporary Issues” 2011 The Claire R. Schmieler Leadership Institute (Slippery Rock, PA)
  • “Interpersonal Communication” “Servant Leadership” “The Meaning and Power of Love” St. Anne Home, Sponsored by the Felician Sisters (Greensburg, PA): 2012; 2013; 2014
  • “Team Building” The Leadership Institute for Faculty Women (State College, PA): 2010 & 2012
  • “Promoting Information Literacy through Activity-Based Learning” Point Park University co-presenter 2011 (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Business Ethics Theory and Practice” 2010 International Symposium on Innovation, Leadership, and Change (Colombo, Sri Lanka)


  • Keynote address “The Purpose of Business is to…” 2019 Business Ethics, Schneider Downs Annual CPE Event (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Past President, Pennsylvania Communication Association
  • Feature Article, "Learning through Service" Forward Magazine, 2015, spring/summer, p. 45.
  • Invited Respondent “Contemporary Issues Involving Media and Society” (2015) Mass Media & Society Interest Group, Pennsylvania Communication Association.
  • Invited Respondent “Thomas Merton in the Communication Classroom” Philosophy of Communication Pre-Conference 2014 for the Pennsylvania Communication Association (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Invited Chairperson “Emotional Labor and Communicative Praxis” International Leadership Association 2014 Conference (San Diego, CA)
  • 2014-present Board Member, Open Hands, advocacy organization, Westmoreland County
  • 2016-2017 Undergraduate Communication Research Interest Group Chairperson, Pennsylvania Communication Association.
  • 2015-2016 Interpersonal/Organizational Interest Group Chairperson, Pennsylvania Communication Association
  • Invited Reviewer, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication
  • Invited Reviewer, Business Ethics Quarterly
  • Invited Reviewer, Leadership