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Ja'Nean Reay Ph.D.
Joined Seton Hill
Greensburg, PA
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  • B.S., Biology, B.A., Chemistry, Seton Hill University
  • Ph.D., Molecular Virology and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


  • Ja’Nean Reay, Andrea Gambotto and Paul D. Robbins. The Anti-tumor Effects of Adenoviral-Mediated, Intra-tumoral delivery of Interleukin 23 require Endogenous IL-12. Cancer Gene Therapy 2012 19: 135-43; advance online publication: Dec 9, 2011.
  • Daniel P. Reay, Gabriela Niizawa, Jon F. Watchko, Molly Daood, Ja’Nean C. Reay, Eugene Raggi, Paula R. Clemens. Addition of peptide therapy to inhibit NF-?B activation to AAV serotype 9 minidystrophin gene transfer to treat muscular dystrophy in mdx mice. Molecular Medicine 2012 18: 466-76. Advance online publication: Jan 5, 2012.
  • Sarah Turner, Ja’Nean Reay and Mietzner, T.A. (2010) NDM-1—The Newest Recruit to the Army of beta-lactamases. Published online in, (editor, Yu, V.)
  • Ja’Nean Reay, Seon-Hee Kim, Euan Lockhart, Jay Kolls and Paul D. Robbins. Adenoviral Mediated, Intra-Tumor Gene Transfer of Interleukin 23 Induces a Therapeutic Anti-tumor Response. Cancer Gene Therapy 2009 16: 776-785; advance online publication: Apr 24, 2009.


  • Keynote Speaker, Women in Science Day, Seton Hill University (2017)
  • “Anti-tumor activities of IL-12 and IL-23 are mediated by similar, yet divergent, effector mechanisms.” Ja’Nean C. Ceidro, Euan Lockhart, Seon-Hee Kim, Paul D. Robbins, American Society of Gene Therapy, 9th annual meeting, Washington, D.C. (2006)
  • “Determining the importance of CAR and integrins avß3 and avß5 in adenoviral infection of muscle cells.” Laura R. Goldberg, Ja’Nean C. Ceidro, Roberto Bilbao, Thomas J. Wickham and Paula R. Clemens, American Society of Gene Therapy, 5th annual meeting, Boston, MA (2002)