Community Resources


Seton Hill students participated in more than 2,562 hours of community service in 2013 – 2014. 

The STAR Project

A grant-funded collaboration between the Blackburn Center & Seton Hill University

Seton Hill has a long-standing partnership with the Blackburn Center Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. In recent years, a group composed of representatives from Blackburn Center and Seton Hill faculty and administration have formalized this partnership by integrating the mission of Blackburn Center into the educational experience at Seton Hill. Through programming and curriculum revision, this group (called STAR, for Social Transformation through Awareness and Resolve) addresses the issues of domestic and sexual violence by creating opportunities to:

  • Develop and evaluate primary prevention strategies.
  • Engage students in Blackburn Center’s social transformation goals.
  • Test effectiveness of Blackburn Center’s messaging with young adults.
  • Establish a long-term commitment between the organizations (a span of at least 10 years).

As a result of this project, Seton Hill students in appropriate courses, degree programs and service groups will:

  • Learn how a human service organization operates.
  • Have the opportunity to apply their skills through service learning activities with Blackburn Center.
  • Give of their time and talents to help transform the world (especially around issues of domestic violence, sexual violence and gender inequality)
  • Take new sensitivity to gender violence and gender norms with them into the workplace and the world at large.

Helping Each Other UP

Seton Hill has been a proud member of the Greensburg, Pennsylvania community and the Laurel Highlands region since 1885. A strong, mutually supportive “town and gown” relationship has always existed between the university and the local community; this relationship continues to strengthen as Seton Hill expands its campus into Greensburg's cultural district.  

In addition to Seton Hill’s academic offerings, the University includes Centers and Programs that provide direct services or cultural opportunities for the public. 

Health Services

Center for Orthodontics

Seton Hill’s Orthodontics Center provides orthodontic services by dentists training to become orthodontists, under the supervision of currently practicing orthodontists. 

Center for Family Therapy

A community mental health center directed by the University’s graduate program in marriage and family therapy, the Center for Family Therapy provides counseling services for the public. 

Music, Dance and Art Instruction

Community Arts Program 

Music and dance lessons for all ages. 

Seton Arts Service Corps

Seton Hill art and music students create and facilitate art programs for underserved youth in Pittsburgh communities.


Child Development Center

Seton Hill's Child Development Center is a nationally accredited preschool for children ages three to five.

Educational Support for the Teaching of Genocide and the Holocaust

National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education (NCCHE)

The NCCHE provides resources for teachers and presentations, workshops and conferences for educators that are often also open to the public.

College Preparation & Search Assistance

Project Forward

Project Forward is a federal program that identifies and supports students in grades 7 - 12 with the academic talent for college or other postsecondary education.  

Cultural Opportunities

Performing Arts Center 

The Performing Arts Center provides free and low-cost concerts and theatre performances throughout the academic year. Its venues can also be rented by outside organizations when not in use by the University.

Harlan Gallery

Harlan Gallery is a professional exhibition space that showcases the art of Seton Hill professors, students and guest artists through free events and exhibitions.

Seton Hill Lectures

The University hosts free public lectures, presentations and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the academic year. Visit our events calendar to view upcoming events.