Student Experiences


Learning Spanish in Spain

Seton Hill students regularly have the opportunity to live and study in Spain. Read about one recent trip here.

Business and Culture in the Dominican Republic

In January 2014, students traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to study Spanish, culture and international business in the largest city in the Caribbean. Read about the trip on the blog students maintained during their stay.

Renaissance Art in Italy

Maureen Vissat, assistant professor of art, has a tradition of leading a group of students to Italy to study Renaissance art. To learn more, and read journal entries made by the students during one such trip, please view the flipbook version of the Fall/Winter 2011 Forward alumni magazine.

Studying - and Then Visiting - the Palace of Versailles in Paris

"The opportunity to go to Paris has always been a dream of mine. So when I saw the flyer posted at Seton Hill University I knew this was my chance to fulfill that dream. Being a student in the ADP program the trip to Paris gave me an opportunity to spend time with traditional students and French Professor Dr. Chossat.

The first day after a long, tiring, flight we visited Cathedral at Notre Dame. Its beautiful stained-glass windows and unique stone structure was inspirational and verified that I had actually done it, I made it to Paris! 

The second stop was the Eiffel Tower when seeing it during the day its huge height could make anyone feel dizzy, but seeing it a night with all of its bright and sparkling lights will take your breath away. 

Next, after writing a paper on The Palace of Versailles in my Western Civilization class I just knew I had to make the short train ride to this historical location … Strolling thru the gardens, and actually seeing the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles was all that I imagined it to be and more. Not only was this the most memorable part of my trip it was the most influential experience of my college career. To read, write, and discuss the Palace of Versailles in a classroom and then to actually go there and live the full experience is what I feel getting a college degree is all about.

It was actually because of my experiences in the ADP program that I wanted to go to Paris so badly and fulfill this dream. Not only was visiting the Palace of Versailles exciting but seeing the Louvre and Montmartre added to my valuable experiences in Paris. There were many other historical monuments we visited along with the many stops at French Cafe's and shopping areas. My trip to Paris was fun, eventful, and a hands on learning experience.”

        - JoAnn Santavy

 Internship in Argentina

“I did my internship in Argentina with a non-governmental organization, the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA). With my boss, I worked on legal investigations in the theme of "Human Rights to Water." Using weekends, I also traveled to Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile by bus. I enjoyed the nature of Latin America. I learned to speak with an Argentinean accent in Spanish. Through my internship in Argentina, I gained a clearer picture of how I want to live my life."

        - Satoko Ogawa

Coursework in Australia (With Time Out to Dive on the Great Barrier Reef)

"You know I was scared out of my wits before I went off on my semester abroad. Every horrid thing that you could think of happening I thought about ten times over. But when I touched down in Australia all those fears and doubts disappeared. I was like a kid in a new candy store with my eyes and ears absorbing everything around me. 

The environment and wildlife was one of the best features. New creatures were all around me and even the trees looked nothing like anything I had ever seen in America.

Education was no problem since most of the classes weren't as grueling as my classes back home so I was able to spend more time exploring the area… how many of you can say that you dived for your very first time in the Great Barrier Reef? Or for that matter how many of you can say that you have dived with sharks before? Well I have and all the work that brought me there and back was well worth it. .. without a doubt I would do it again."

        - Brandon Meany