Help Identify Disease Through Advanced Medical Lab Skills 

Histotechnologists are the laboratory professionals responsible for preparing medical specimens and creating microscope slides suitable for viewing by pathologists. As such, they play a fundamental role in the complex process of medical investigation used to establish and confirm disease. In Seton Hill University’s Histotechnology Program, you will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become a board-certified histotechnologist.

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Why the Histotechnology 3+1 Program at Seton Hill University?

Seton Hill University’s 3+1 program partners with The Histotechnology School of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA. As a student in this unique program, you will spend three years at Seton Hill:

  • mastering the underlying scientific disciplines that support the practice of histotechnology, including biology, medical microbiology, medical genetics, biochemistry, organic chemistry and human anatomy.
  • enjoying study in the liberal arts - to ensure that you have a broad knowledge base to support you in the years to come. 


Your final year will involve intensive classroom and practical training at The Histotechnology School. After successful completion of both phases of the program, you will earn a B.S. in Histotechnology from Seton Hill and will be ready to take the national exam of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Certification for Histotechnicians HT(ASCP). Seton Hill students benefit from the “loss” of a fourth year on-campus, as you spend your final year of schooling getting real-world experience in the medical field, while still graduating in four years with your class.


Most undergrads move on to a career or grad school after graduation

Qualified histotechnicians can find positions in 

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dermatopathology Labs
  • Public Health Facilities
  • Industrial Research
  • Veterinary Pathology
  • Forensic Pathology

The American Society for Clinical Pathology’s 2015 Wage Survey of Medical Laboratories in the U.S. found that annual wages for histotechnologists fell in the range of $60,913 to $83,593 depending on occupational level.

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Seton Hill University’s award-winning Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) will work with you, your professors and local, regional and national employers to provide you with the career preparation skills, internship opportunities and placement services you need to get where you’re going. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

As a Seton Hill University student, you will have access to cutting edge technology, labs and The Joanne Woodyard-Boyle Health Sciences Center, which is home to our Natural & Health Sciences programs, including Seton Hill University’s Histotechnology Program. 

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