What is the cost of housing?

The cost of housing differs for each residence hall. Please refer to the Room & Board section of our site for more information. 

What is the housing deposit?

The housing deposit is a $150 deposit that allows students to reserve a room on campus. The housing deposit is refunded to students when they leave housing, unless there is damage done to their room or they have a balance due on their Seton Hill account. You can pay your housing deposit here.

Do I have to have a meal plan if I live on campus?

All resident students are required to have a meal plan. Our meal plan options can be found on the Room & Board section of our site.

Where do first-year students live?

First-year students typically reside in Brownlee Hall and Havey Hall. These two halls are designated for first-year students only. Please visit the Residence Halls section of our site

What housing options are there for transfer students?

Transfer students are typically placed in Canevin/Lowe, Farrell, DeChantal, and Maura Halls. If these halls are full, transfer students may be placed in first-year residence halls. 

Is there housing designated for the Honors Program?

We have a first-come, first-serve policy for all first-year Honors Program students wanting to live in Honors Housing. The first 18 first-year honors students who apply for on-campus housing, pay their housing deposit, AND apply for Honors Housing will be placed in DeChantal Hall. All other honors students will be housed in the traditional first-year residence halls (Brownlee Hall and Havey Hall).

If I am required to arrive early, when do I move in?

Our early arrival policy is listed here. Dates and times of early arrivals will also be listed.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes! Once you have been accepted to Seton Hill University, you will be provided with access to our housing portal, Residence. On Residence, you can complete your New Student Housing Application. Furthermore, Residence provides you with the opportunity to select a roommate you may already know or have met. Please find the "New Student - Finding a Roommate" document in your Seton Hill email for more information.

How are roommates assigned?

Students have the opportunity to either pick their own roommate or have the Office of Residence Life assign one for them. All new, incoming students complete the New Student Housing Application on Residence. Part of your application is a Roommate Profile. Your answers to these questions help you locate other students with similar interests you may want to room with. If you locate another new, incoming student on Residence that you believe would be a great roommate, you can request to be roommates. If you do not select your own roommate, the Office of Residence Life uses your Roommate Profile to select your roommate. Please find the "New Student - Finding a Roommate" document in your Seton Hill email for more information.

When will I be notified about my roommate?

The Office of Residence Life will email first-year students with their room and roommate information. Emails will be sent to Seton Hill University email addresses starting in July and will continue throughout the remainder of the summer. Students must have applied for housing, paid their housing deposit, signed their Housing Contract, and completed the online New Student Housing Form on MySHU to be placed in housing.

What is the process if I want to change my room or roommate?

There is a two week room freeze where no student is allowed to switch rooms or roommates. After this period, students can work with Resident Assistants, and also have the opportunity to meet with the Assistant Director of Residence Life on a case-by-case basis, to see if a room or roommate switch is possible. 

Are the rooms carpeted?

Rooms in DeChantal, Farrell and Canevin/Lowe Halls are carpeted. Brownlee, Havey and Maura Halls have tile floors. It is recommended that students bring throw rugs for their rooms.

What sizes are the rooms/windows/etc.?

Each residence hall has different room and window sizes. To look up the dimensions for the hall you live in, please visit the Residence Halls section of our site.

What size sheets do I need for my bed?

The mattresses in the halls require Twin XL sheets. Mattress sizes are 36" wide x 84" long. For more information on the features of your room, please visit the Residence Halls section of our site.

Are the residence halls air-conditioned?

DeChantal, Farrell and Sisters of Charity Halls are air-conditioned. Brownlee, Havey, Maura, Canevin, and Lowe Halls are not air-conditioned.

What is the policy for air conditioners?

Students must provide medical documentation to the director of counseling, disability, and health services that shows the medical need for air conditioning in the student’s room. The director will contact the student with approval or a request for more information. The fax number to send medical documentation is (724) 830-1867, or you may email information to disabilityservices@setonhill.edu.

If the request is approved, the student will be responsible for providing the air conditioner. The window dimensions can be found on the individual Residence Hall pages. The University’s maintenance department must install and uninstall the AC unit. 

What size refrigerator can I bring for my room?

Any resident student can bring a personal refrigerator for their room or suite. The refrigerator can be 2.7 cubic feet or smaller. This ensures that it will fit comfortably in any of our residence hall rooms. Each room is welcome to have one personal refrigerator for the roommates to share.

What furnishings are provided in the residence halls?

All residence hall rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe/dresser and closet. Each residence hall room can be set up differently. Please visit the Residence Halls section of our site for specifics.

How do I insure my personal belongings?

Contact your parent’s insurance provider or National Student Services, Inc. at 800-256-6774. 

What is my mailing address? 

Your address will be available in the second week of August by going to MySHU, MyMenu, My Mailbox.

Need More Information?

If you are a new or prospective student, please contact the Office of Admissions at admit@setonhill.edu or (724) 838-4281.

If you are a currently enrolled student with questions about residence halls or meal plans, please contact the Office of Residence & Commuter Life by email: reslife@setonhill.edu, or call (724) 838-4213 (between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) To contact this office after office hours, please call Campus Police at (724) 830-4999.